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Medical Astrology: Your Birth Month Tells About Your Health Ailments

Medical Astrology

Medicines and astrology are precisely not comfy mates. However, a research done on Medical Astrology and finally published in...

Benefits of Numerology

Benefits of Numerology

Numerology, to be well described, is the study of numbers that count up to your destiny. The numerals are...

Significance of Ascendant in Horoscope

significance of ascendant

Astrology is the science of presaging information about human affairs and telluric events along with their correlation with the...

Avoiding the Worst Numerology Match for Marriage using Life path Number

Life path number

Numerology is often believed to be associated with astrology, paranormal and different divinatory arts.  It is a blissful, mystical...

The power of your Brand/Company Name and Numerology

Company Numerology

Can you find something common in the below names? Omega Rolls Royce Facebook Google Coca-Cola Rolex Louis Vuitton Obama...

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