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Astrology – The Future of #metoo movement in India

metoo astrology

The metoo movement has brought Diwali in Bollywood a month earlier. On my Facebook post on 6th October I...

Kerala Flood – Which planets were responsible?

Kerala flood Astrology

For the last few months the planetary positions have not been good in general. Jupiter was retrograde till 10th...

Priya Varrier Astrology and Numerology – What is her future?

Priya Varrier Horoscope

Priya Varrier, the overnight sensation, was born on 12th September 1999 (according to Google). This date of birth looks...

Sun Line in Palmistry

Sun line

Everybody wants to become popular and accomplished in their life. Undoubtedly the Fame line which is also termed as...

Name Numerology: Unveiling the Meaning of the Names Starting With Letter ‘S’

Names with letter S

While deciphering your own name, you should understand that every letter in your name has an equivalent number in...

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