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Are you in the process of naming your first born? Well, you might consider incorporating baby name numerology into the naming of your child. Why should you? Each letter could play a massive role in determining his or her personality and eventual destiny. Each letter of the name has a direct relation with a particular number. Therefore, the name number coordinates with particular vibrations that will influence your little one’s life.

The most important is the first letter of your little one’s name. It provides an insight into your baby’s personality. It will basically determine how he or she faces the many high and low points in their life. In fact, baby name numerology is big.

It should be noted that the last name of your child plays an important role too. For a young child, it relates to their ability to see things through to the very end. Parents can also try Chaldean numerology as the tried and tested measure.

Stress should also be laid on the first alphabet of your little one’s name. It is the letter that works into the number that helps identify a person’s personality. It relates to the deepest urges, goals and dreams that the child may have as they grow up. It is the numerological letter that will determine the person’s ability to see things through in the long run.

When you see through the baby’s meanings, make sure that each syllable has an auspicious sound. It should also be able to convey an auspicious meaning. The syllables in the name should have a pleasing tone. Unpleasant sounds should be removed as it affects the personality and future prospects of the baby.
When you are going to baby names and their meanings, avoid hearing sounds like Awe, Aw, ah, Oh, and ooh, especially when pronouncing their new names. These sounds convey a sense of disaster and calamity.

Name numerology and its significance:

• Letters A, I, J, Q and Y are linked to Number 1 or planet Sun
• Letters B, K and R are linked to Number 2 or planet Moon
• Letters C, G, L and S are linked to Number 3 or planet Jupiter
• Letters D, M and T are linked to Number 4 or planet Rahu
• Letters E, X, N and H are linked to Number 5 or planet Mercury
• Letters U, V and W are linked to Number 6 or planet Venus
• Letters O and Z are linked to Number 7 or planet Ketu
• Letters P and F are linked to Number 8 or planet Saturn

Should you Copy Names?

Most parents like to name their children after famous musicians or film stars. They blindly christen their kids with these names. However, it should be noted that these names might not do your kids any good. It could even prove harmful to them.

Ensuring Compatibility

If you want to ensure that your baby’s names are compatible, get in touch with expert numerologists, especially those who specialise in bioenergetics. They will be able to measure the numerology compatibility of the names, with special emphasis on mental and body energy fields of that pertain to your little one.
They have ways to ascertain if these baby name meanings are favourable. They are also experienced in measuring vibrations of alphabets, word components, numbers and sound effects. This helps them decide what is favourable.

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