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With the mobile phone market booming, more and more people are gaining access to the communication device. In fact, most people can’t seem to operate without a mobile. But did you ever think that a mobile number could have a significant effect on your life? Well, it certainly can through mobile number numerology. For those who are interested in understanding the principles of numerology will realise that all numbers affect your life both personally and professionally. This includes your mobile number, known as mobile numerology.

Since numbers form part of our daily lives, even a mobile number can have a significant effect. Some lucky mobile number might bring you good fortune, while some might not be so lucky. Only when a person understands the numerological meaning of their cell phone number will it ensure success.

How would you go about calculating mobile number numerology? By adding the digits to achieve a single number. Each number — from 1 to 9 — has a specific meaning. The number one is best suited for business folk and career builders. However, they do not work so well for those who are looking for, or are in, love.

By knowing how mobile numerology can ensure professional growth or decline can help you attain success. If your mobile number does not suit you, take into account numerological associations that will be favourable for you. This will help counter the number that doesn’t work for you.

If you stumble upon a lot of 4 or 8, it usually means that you will face a number of stumbling blocks along the way. However, they won’t be something you will not be able to manage. In mobile number numerology, a combination of 4 and 8 does not spell good news. You need to exercise caution, especially on the road. You should also exercise caution with nervous health. It is always wise to change this number to harness positive energy.

If you have the number 6, it usually spells fortune. However, it may act conversely if you have number 3 in your date of birth. People with number 6 as part of their phone numbers are always surrounded by fun. They are charismatic and always in a romantic mood.

If your number has a number of 5’s and 2’s, it could signify a lack of balance. If 5 and 2 are placed together in the number, it could spell trouble for people in a relationship or marriage. Mobile numerology can come in handy to understand things about yourself.

If your number has a lot of 8’s or 5, 2, and 8 together in one number, it is not the best combination. People with such a combination could be prone to depression, face a tough time at work, reach for seclusion and could also suffer from a mental disorder. Change your number!

The number to look out for

If you desire happiness and good fortune, you need to have a lot of 1, 9, 7 and 6. Apart from your date of birth, include this numerological information to ensure your life tastes a bit of good fortune.

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