Numerology Number 1
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Numerology Number 1 is for Sun and Sun is considered as a masculine planet that makes Number 1 a masculine number. We know Sun is the most powerful planet/star in the Solar System. All the planets revolve around the Sun. Numerologists know about the power of Sun or Number 1 but only few of them know and mention about the history of it.

Sun’s wife left him because of his power and heat. It was not possible for anyone to tolerate its heat and power. Being clever, Sun’s wife left a replica of herself called Chhaya (Chhaya means Shadow) to fool Sun. Sun was not able to understand the trick and after a few years Chhaya gave birth to a child named Saturn. Since Chhaya was not the original wife, the child Saturn was dark and ugly looking with red eyes. Immediately after seeing Saturn, Sun understood what was going on for so many years. In anger, Sun threw Saturn towards Earth.

There are 2 points to be derived from here:

1. Saturn lives very close to Sun and that is why it affects the most to the people on Earth.

2. Saturn is a bitter enemy of Sun after this incident. It is interesting to understand the relationship between Sun and Saturn. Sun is the enemy of Saturn and Saturn would try to harm Sun but not the other way round.

Psychic Number 1

Psychic Number 1 is people born on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of any month. The following basic characteristics are found in the people born on the above dates of any month. But please note that these qualities may or may not be visible to the world. As explained earlier, what is visible to the world is indicated by mostly the zodiac sign. At times destiny number is also seen.

Each number has both positive and negative characteristics. I will mention the positive and negative characteristics of each number. By analyzing all the numbers and the zodiac sign, one can get an idea whether the psychic number is being more positive or negative. A numerologist needs a lot of practical experience to understand the behavior of numbers. I will be explaining the concept through practical examples in the later modules.

The characteristics of Numerology Number 1 as a Psychic Number are:

Strong Character: Like Sun, Psychic Number 1 people have a very strong character and often it is difficult for people to make them change their minds.

Good Management and Leadership skills: Number 1 people have very good leadership and management skills. As they have a strong character they lead throughout their life. They do not lose hope easily and have excellent motivation skills as well. They perform the best when given responsibilities and leadership positions.

Show off: Number 1 people like pomp and show. They like to talk about themselves and always want to be the centre of attraction. This makes them dress well as well so that people can notice them. Also, they love spending money lavishly.

Practical: The best characteristic of them is that they are practical in life. Often number 1 people are true lovers as well. They have the most practical solutions to almost everything.
Creative: People ruled by Psychic Number 1 are very creative and they do excellent in the field related to art and creativity. A lot of world’s most successful celebrities are ruled by Sun.

Lucky: Psychic Number 1 people are considered very lucky. They get favors from the government and people. If they leave their ego and ask for help from others when needed,

Number 1 psychic people can reach any heights during their life time.

The above are the basic characteristics of Number 1 people. But please note that these characteristics can be positive or negative depending upon their name numbers or destiny numbers. There are no rules which can help you decide whether the number is working as positive or negative. Some people have more of positive; on the other hand some may have more of the negative qualities. With practical experience, a numerologist will be able to understand whether the psychic number is more positive or more negative. With examples and case studies, I will try my best to make the concept clear.

Now let’s talk about Number 1 psychic number as positive and negative.

Number 1 psychic as positive:

Good leadership skills: As mentioned earlier, Psychic Number 1 people have excellent leadership skills. They will find it difficult to work as subordinates as they do not like taking orders. When responsibility is given to them, they don’t like people interfering in their decision making. They like to do things their way and generally complete their work with perfection.

Fixity of purpose of ideas: When Psychic Number 1 people decide their objectives, they complete it. Their minds do not fluctuate much and it is difficult for people to change their minds. They have strong belief in their own ideas.

Energetic: Number 1 people are energetic and do not leave any work in between. Also, they try to do most of the work themselves and delegate the least possible to their subordinates as they believe the most in themselves.

Inventive / Creative: Number 1 psychic people can think and come up with ideas and solutions out of the box. They have originality in them and do not copy others.

Optimist: This is one of the positive qualities of Number 1 which keeps others around them motivated as well. They do not give up easily during very difficult times as well.

A positive Psychic 1 can almost conquer the world. At the end of the lecture I would give examples which would make it very clear about what a positive Psychic 1 can do.

Number 1 psychic as negative:

Too authoritative: At times Number 1 psychic people get too authoritative and try to force themselves on others. This quality of Number 1 people are often not liked by people around them.

Adamant: Number 1 people can be stubborn and adamant about what they want. At times even if they know that they are wrong they do not want to change their decision because of their strong ego.

Overly ambitious: Number 1 people are ambitious and always give first preference to their career. But at times, they become overly ambitious and in haste do things the wrong way.

Boasting: This is one quality of Number 1 psychic people which is clearly visible to the world. They will often talk about themselves and try to show how great they are. For Number 1 people it is always about “Me” and not “Us” or “We”.

Personally I have found negative Psychic Number 1 people to be very irritating. They always keep on talking about themselves and try to show how great they are. Please note that people can have a mix of both positive and negative qualities. A very successful Psychic 1 can be overly boasting as well.

Precautions and Suggestions for people born on 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th

The strength of Numerology Number 1 people is that they have a lot of energy in them, are bold and never lose hope. But most of them have a very strong ego which works as a hurdle for them. They seldom go and ask for favors from other people which can turn negative for them. They should ask for help when needed. They are lucky in getting help from others and generally others don’t refuse them. A lot of Number 1 people are forceful and boasting which should be avoided. They always want things their way, which can create a negative environment around them. Also, boasting nature is a big turn off for people around. They should avoid talking about themselves and try to be modest about their achievements in life.

In short, I would have the following suggestions for them:
• Do not talk too much about yourself
• Do not force people go against their wishes
• Do not try too hard to be the centre of attraction
• Do not be too stubborn about your decisions

Number 1 psychic should always follow the below to get more luck in their life:

Lucky Days: Sunday and Monday are the lucky days of Number 1 psychic. They should always try to take important decisions on these days and try to do all the important work in these days.

Lucky Colors: The lucky colors of Number 1 people are orange, yellow and copper gold. Wearing these color clothes will make them lucky and give them positive energy.

]Unlucky Colors: Number 1 psychic should always avoid the colors black and brown.

Unlucky Numbers: 8 should be avoided at all times. Number 1 people are attracted to Number 4 but they should try and avoid it.

Lucky Dates and Numbers: Lucky dates and numbers of Number 1 psychic are that of series 1, 2 and 7. Number 1 psychic should always try and do all their important work on these dates.

Lucky Stone: Ruby

Rules over: Number 1 rules over heart, back, spinal cord and right eye. A negative 1 can bring these health issues for Number 1 people.

Professions most suited: Government officials, ministers, director of companies, scientists, doctors, jewelers, managers of organizations and anything to do with creativity. Please note that Psychic Number 1 people would be the best in these jobs but it does not mean that they will not do well in other work. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, they will be the best in these areas of work.

Destiny Number 1

Number 1 is one of the best destiny numbers. Please note that Psychic Number 1 and Destiny Number 1 are completely different. The characteristics discussed for Number 1 psychic people are not applicable for Number 1 destiny.

Destiny Number 1 people always get the results of their hard work. They are considered lucky and achieve good social status in life unless their name number and psychic number make them very negative. If in compatible with their psychic numbers, they turn very successful in life. Destiny Number 1 is the best with Psychic Number 2 and 7.

Some characteristics of Destiny Number 1 are:

Enjoy the hardship of others: They are lucky enough to get their work done by others easily. Also, they get help from others and enjoy for the work done by others. Please note that they do not do this on purpose but they are lucky enough to find people who favor them.

Lucky: People ruled by Destiny Number 1 are considered lucky in all matters, except in relationships. Especially males, they do not have a smooth marriage life and often break up with their partners a lot of times.

Successful: Psychic Number 1 people may or may not get success in life depending upon other factors but people ruled by Destiny Number 1 are mostly successful. Once decided they stick to their decisions and always finish what they start. They are very dedicated, be it their professional or personal life but they are often found unlucky in relationship matters.

Name Number 1

Name Number 1 is one of the most powerful name numbers. It is also one of the most fortunate name numbers. Name Number 1 is the best for people with Psychic Number 1, 2, 4 and 7. More information on the fixing of name numbers will be discussed in the later modules.

Characteristics of Name Number 1 are:

Name number 1 people are remembered for a long time

• They get great success, popularity and fame.
• They turn out to be very helpful for others.
• They make great actors and leaders.
• They are beneficial in the social field as well.

The best name numbers in the Number 1 family are 37 and 46. Numbers 10, 19, 28, 55 and 64 are good as well.

Examples of Psychic Number 1

Dhirubhai Ambani born on 28th December 1932
Bill Gates born on 28th October 1955
Aishwarya Rai born on 1st November 1973
Hrithik Roshan born on 10th January 1974
Bill Clinton born on 19th August 1946
Indira Gandhi born on 19th November 1917

Examples of Destiny Number 1

Dhirubhai Ambani born on 28th December 1932
Shahid Kapoor born on 25th February 1981
Amitabh Bachchan born on 11th October 1942
Examples of Name Number 1
Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif with Name Number 28
Bill Clinton and Julia Roberts with Name Number 37
Mark Zuckerberg and Albert Einstein with Name Number 46
George Washington and Mahesh Bhupathi with Name Number 55

Further Discussion on Psychic Number 1

Among all the numbers, psychic number is the most important as an individual’s characteristics, strengths and weaknesses are directly related to the psychic number. An individual only has control on self and not the destiny. The destiny number indicates what the destiny is or where the destiny will take you while the psychic number indicates what a person wants. A person can always change his wants and desires and work on his weaknesses to succeed in life. Here an argument can be made that if the person’s destiny is already written then how can the life be made better. Destiny number indicates whether an individual will be able to get results easily or not. For example, Shahrukh Khan has a destiny 7 which is excellent hence he is lucky and gets results easily, on the other hand Aamir Khan’s destiny number is 2 which is weak so he has to work harder still does not gets results as Shahrukh gets. This statement may be subjective and not everyone would agree with my thoughts. After completing the course, you might agree with the statement.

Number 1 psychic people have a ‘never die attitude’. They have tremendous energy and never lose hope in life. They are excellent motivators as well because of which they become exceptional leaders. Perfect examples would be Indira Gandhi and Bill Clinton. Number 1 psychic make excellent business men like Bill Gates and Dhirubhai Ambani. They are able to go high in life and success without the help of others. One of the weaknesses of Number 1 psychic is that they are not able to ask for help from anyone because of their ego.
One problem Number 1 people face is in relationships. Because of their strong character and inflated ego (at times) they try to dominate their partners. Number 1 psychic should marry a person who is less egoistic else their marriage life gets difficult. This is truer in case of Number 1 psychic females.

Number 1 psychic people manage to have excellent career provided their name number is compatible with their date of birth. Dhirubhai Ambani, the founder of the Reliance Group was born on 28th December 1932 with psychic and destiny both as 1. This made him run after his dreams and achieve it. If both the numbers are 1, the native will do what decided and no force can stop him. Ambani faced a lot of problems due to illness and the government but he kept on rising which made Reliance the number one company in India.
Number 1 psychic can excel in creative field as well. Perfect examples are Aishwarya Rai and Hrithik Roshan who are the leading actors in India. The best part of the Number 1 people is that they never get de-motivated in life. Failures in life motivate them to work harder and run towards success. If they are able to understand their weaknesses and work over them they will be able to do excellent in life. The most important weaknesses they should work on are ego and their habit of not asking for help.

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