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Number 4 is for Rahu, also known as Dragon’s Head. The direction of Rahu is always retrograde in horoscope which basically means it moves in the anti clock direction. Rahu is a node, not a planet. It is the north node of moon. It is an active and disruptive force which works on mental level. It is supposed to be malefic, dynamic in nature, low in vibration and eternally dissatisfied.

According to most of the numerologists, Number 4 is a difficult number and they are not wrong. Number 4 people have more ups and downs in life than any other number. They have sudden changes in life which spoils their plans. It is an unconventional number and generally no Number 4 people are seen to be alike. People born on 4th, 13th and 31st are seen to be similar but people born on 22nd are very different to the other Number 4’s. Number 4 people are able to have ordinary life if they have a strong destiny and name number. Still controversies are a part of their life. They will have problems in 1 area of life out of health, finances, relationship, legal or defamation. This is a common characteristic of Number 4 people and they will not be able to avoid it. Let’s peep into the characteristics of Number 4.

Psychic Number 4

Doubting Nature: Number 4 people have a doubting nature because of which they are not able to trust people easily. But once they trust someone, they rely on those people for a lifetime.

Have to struggle a lot: As discussed above, Number 4 people have to struggle more than the other numbers to go ahead in life. Even if they get things easily in life, it doesn’t remain with them for long. Eventually they have to work hard to achieve.

Generate secret enemies: Number 4 people are a bit unlucky when it comes to getting help from people and also they have secret enemies. They may consider someone as their friend but they might get disappointed later on.

Difficult to get the right partner: Generally Number 4 people find it difficult to get the right partner. People born on 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th are the best partners for number 4 people. Although they get along well with people born on 8th, 17th and 26th as well but both numbers being weak they have to struggle a lot. People born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th get along well with Number 4 people as well although people born on 11th and 29th have ego clash.

Relationships outside marriage: Number 4 people never feel satisfied with their partners. Also they are unlucky to get the right partner due to which they have relationships outside the marriage.

Hard Working: Number 4 people are hard working and never lose hope. Even though sudden changes make their life bad at times, they are able to overcome it as they are fighters. They might not show the world how strong they are but they are able to fight with the most difficult situations.

Unconventional Approach: Number 4 people have an unconventional approach to any task. If they get into media or entertainment, their work stands out of the box. A perfect example would be the singer, actor, composer, producer Kishore Kumar who was a Number 4. He was one of the most unconventional artists of old times.

The above are the basic characteristics of Number 4 people. But please note that these characteristics can be positive or negative depending upon their name numbers or destiny numbers. Now let’s talk about Number 4 psychic number as positive and negative.

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Number 4 Psychic When Positive

Reliable Friends: As discussed, Number 4 people do not trust people easily. But once they build that trust they are very reliable friends and always stand next to their friends when they are in need.

Good Conversationalist: Except for people born on 22nd, Number 4 people have excellent communication skills. They have a never ending energy for talking and are able to talk in front of masses and inspire them as well.

Hard Working: If you are looking for someone to complete your project/task on time, hire a Number 4. They are very dedicated to their work and generally seen that people over the age of 50-55 also have a lot of energy in them and are able to work till late hours.

Patient: As Number 4 people go through a lot in life, they are able to get that patience level. Generally while consultations, if I say other people that the next 2 years are bad they get restless. But when I say the same thing to a Number 4 people their reaction is completely different. They feel 2 years is not much and will pass away soon.

Practical and Generous: Number 4 people have a practical approach to every problem and are very generous. You will not get a lot of positive energy from a Number 4 but they can be perfect friends for you if you are looking for a long term bonding.

 Psychic Number 4 When Negative

Uneven temper: The temperament of Number 4 people can be really bad at times. They lose temper easily. This is one reason that people go away from them. A Number 4 boss can be really bad due to this reason.

Doubtful and critical nature: Number 4 people get cheated a lot of times in life due to which they get this doubting and critical nature. But due to this characteristic others around them also suffer at times.

Unsuccessful in relationships: They are generally seen to be unsuccessful in relationships unless married to a Number 1, 2 and 8. Marrying Number 8 further increases their problems in life although the match is good.

Relationships outside marriage: In most of the cases I have seen this happening. A Number 4 is never satisfied with their partner and has relationships outside marriage. It is strongly suggested for them to marry a Number 1 or a Number 2.

Number 4 is a number of trials and they are suggested to have a strong name number. They should consult a numerologist and change their name number if needed, early in life. Generally seen they are able to have a decent life only after the 31st year of age. Till then they remain unsettled. A number 1 or 5 will work as a perfect name number for them.

I have the following suggestions for them:

• Try to control your temperament
• Meet a numerologist early in life to have a good name number
• Think twice before getting married, marry only when convinced that the partner is right for you
• NEVER get into any kind of speculative activities and avoid stock market completely
• Avoid Number 4 and 8 in almost everything possible like address, flat number, car number etc.


Number 4 psychic should always follow the below to get more luck in their life:

Lucky Days: Sunday and Monday are the lucky days of Number 4 psychic. They should always try to take important decisions on these days and try to do all the important work in these days.

Lucky Colors: The lucky colors of Number 4 people are blue, grey, khaki and orange. Wearing these color clothes will make them lucky and give them positive energy.

Unlucky Colors: Number 4 psychic should strictly avoid the black color.

Unlucky Numbers: 4 and 8 should be avoided at all times.

Lucky Dates and Numbers: Lucky dates and numbers of Number 4 psychic are that of series 1, 2 and 7. Number 4 psychic should always try and do all their important work on these dates.

Lucky Stone: Gomed

Rules over: Number 4 rules over throat, heart and intestines.

Professions most suited: Engineers, astrologers, civil officials, electricians, and psychologists. Please note that Psychic Number 4 people would be the best in these jobs but it does not mean that they will not do well in other work. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, they will be the best in these areas of work.


Destiny Number 4

Number 4 as a destiny number is better than the Psychic Number. Some of the world’s richest people have this destiny number. Though, this destiny number is the best for psychic numbers 1, 5 and 8. For others, destiny number 4 is not great. Some of the other characteristics of Destiny Number 4 are:

Lack of satisfaction: Destiny 4 people never feel satisfied. Even if they rise very high in life they are not able to get satisfaction.

Burden of heavy responsibilities: They are always burdened with more responsibilities than they can actually handle.

Restless and Impatient: Because of the backward movement of Rahu, Number 4 destiny people are always restless and impatient.

Sudden changes: Bringing sudden alterations is one of the characteristic of Rahu. Rahu does not let you have a smooth life. People with Destiny 4 experience this problem very often. For example I have a colleague at work with a Destiny 4. He was doing very well in his and was appreciated. One day suddenly he was moved to some other department due to which his career slowed down.

Name Number 4

Number 4 as a name number is not good and should be changed. You will hear the name of Name Number 4 person in most of the scandals. For example, in India the 3 biggest scandals are that of Harshad Mehta, Ramalinga Raju and Ketan Parekh. All 3 of them are number 4. People with Name Number 4 get sudden success at times; they are able to rise faster in life than other numbers but their success doesn’t remain permanent. They are seen to lose everything in the end. Also, a lot of Name Number 4 people (as seen above) try to make money through dishonest means. In almost all the scandals I come across, I see a Name Number 4 person involved in it.
Females with Name Number 4 struggle to have a smooth personal life. They are also suggested to change the name number to have ordinary family life.


Examples of Psychic Number 4

Barack Obama born on 4th August 1961

Preity Zinta born on 31st January 1975


Examples of Destiny Number 4

Bill Gates born on 28th October 1955

Vidya Balan born on 1st January 1982

Ajay Devgan born on 2nd April 1969


Examples of Name Number 4

Lata Mangeshkar with Name Number 40

Abhishek Bachchan with Name Number 49

Paris Hilton with Name Number 40

Sunil Shetty with Name Number 40 changed his name to Suniel Shetty

Heidi Klum with Name Number 31


More discussion on Psychic Number 4

This is the number which scares me. Psychic 4 people do not have a peaceful life and there is no exception to that. In some way or the other they have to suffer. Once in their life they will have trouble related to one of these – marriage, finances or health. They never feel satisfied with their partners due to which they have relationships outside marriage. This is true in the case of Number 4 psychic men. Also, the life of Number 4 psychic people is full of ups and downs. It is difficult for them to get consistency in life. If at all they get it, it is after the age of 31. Number 4 psychic are strictly advised not marry a Number 4, 7 or 8. Number 4 psychics should marry a strong number like 1 and 3 to get a good status in life. If they marry a 1 the quality if their life is the best but they will be always dominated by their partners as Number 1 is a strong number.

Most of the people into gambling are Number 4 as they get attracted to easy money. I have seen my Number 4 psychic friends getting into stock market early in life and they spoil their financial condition because of this. Other numbers, if they get into stock market or gambling and loses money; they learn a lesson and leave it. But Number 4; even if they lose money they keep on getting into it trying to recover that money. I have seen some Number 4 earning a fortune through gambling and stock market but still they are not able to get stability in life.

Number 4 psychic, if in business, change their business several times and keep on trying to do something new. If in job, they change jobs very often. They should try and stick to one profession or job. Psychic Number 4 with destiny 1 are able to do well in their career but they suffer in their personal life. They are almost sure to have more than one long relationship and mostly seen they have to go through hell due to relationships.

Number 4 should have control on their temperament as they really lose it very often. After losing temper they get cool very soon but people start disliking them because of this.

A perfect example of psychic 4 can be the 44th US President Barack Obama. Obama had troubles during his teenage. He himself revealed that he became a cocaine addict to forget his psychological worries. Being a Number 4 he got attracted to a Number 8 woman as his partner. Number 4 always get attracted to 4 and 8 but their challenge is to avoid this attraction.

Number 4 psychic should definitely visit a numerologist and get their name number checked. The worst numbers as name number for them are 4 and 8. They should avoid these numbers as the name number and also for all other purposes like car number, flat number, house number etc.

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