Numerology Number 6
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The ruling planet of Number 6 is Venus. People born on 6th, 15 and 24th of any month are ruled by the planet Venus and the characteristic of this planet is clearly seen in the people born on these dates. Venus is a benefic planet with a feminine watery nature. It is known as the planet of love and peace. It is the guru of anti Gods and is the sensuous side of human nature. People born on the date of Venus or having a strong Venus in their horoscope have an artistic nature and are very passionate and sensuous. One should have a strong Venus to become popular in the entertainment industry. Generally seen, all the celebrities have a strong Venus in their horoscope or in some way or the other they are ruled by the Number 6. Let’s have a look at the basic characteristic of Psychic Number 6.

Psychic Number 6

Romantic: Number 6 people are extremely romantic by nature. Some show it openly and some don’t. That depends upon their destiny number whether this quality is visible to the world or not. Number 6 people have certain flirtish tendencies, whether male or female and they are seen to have more than one relationship in their life. An extra marital is also on the cards.

Lover of everything which is beautiful: Number 6 people just love everything which is beautiful, whether it be a good painting, an expensive watch or a beautiful place.

Emotional: They are highly emotional and get emotional with people very soon, because of which they are hurt quiet often. When they are into a relationship they get too close with their partners mentally and emotionally but this does not remain for long as most of Number 6 people get bored in love easily.

Creative and Entertaining: Number 6 people are creative and entertainers. They are happy go lucky and always lively and youthful. They always feel young.

Inventive / Innovative: Psychic 6 and destiny 2 and 7 people always try to think out of the box.
They have the knack of it and come out with innovative solutions for every problem.

Magnetic Personality: Venus attracts the opposite sex easily so Number 6 people have a magnetic personality. They are always surrounded by people and generally they are famous within their group.

Spend lavishly: Number 6 people are fond of the good things of life. They love to wear expensive clothes and accessories and spend lavishly. Most of them also like partying and drinking.

Responsibility: Number 6 is the number of responsibility. They make excellent managers and are very good in doing multiple tasks together.

Also, they are known to come out of any difficult situation with ease.

The above are the basic characteristics of Number 6 people. But please note that these characteristics can be positive or negative depending upon their name numbers or destiny numbers. Now let’s talk about Number 6 psychic number as positive and negative.

Number 6 Psychic When Positive

Youthful: As discussed earlier Number 6 people always remain young at heart. They have a happy go lucky attitude which makes them lively and attract masses around them.

Attractive: Generally seen Number 6 people spend a good amount on their upkeep. They maintain a good personality and carry themselves very well.

Expert in love making: Number 6 people are expert in love making. The opposite sex falls for them easily because of their charming personality and lively attitude.

Creative: Psychic 6 do excellent in the field of art. They are the real entertainers and they make the finest actors. Some of the world’s best entertainers are ruled by this number.

Universal Friends: 6 is the only single digit number which is divisible by both 2 and 3. Number 6 is called the universal friend because they can just get along with any number within seconds. Also, it’s interesting to know that 1+2+3=6 and 1X2X3=6.

Responsibility: Number 6 is the number of responsibility. They are able to manage tasks easily and are reliable. If female, they make excellent homemakers and can manage their home and family very well.

Number 6 Psychic When Negative

Lazy: Number 6 people are too lazy at times and they lack energy. This is also because of their bad eating and drinking habits.

Too emotional at times: At times they are too emotional and possessive. They are not able to trust their partners easily; on the other hand they want their partners to rely on them.

Argumentative: Number 6 does not give up easily. They keep on trying to prove their point till they win. They can be the most difficult opponents in a debate.

Intimate relationships outside marriage: Number 6 people are generally to be seen having more than one relationship in their life. They get into intimate relationships after marriage as well. They may love their family, but since they are experts in love making, this does not let them stop from getting into relationships outside marriage.

Addictive: If Number 6 is associated with a weak destiny or a name number, they easily get addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Number 6 people shine easily when positive. People ruled by 6 are lively, romantic, responsible and passionate in whatever they do. But like every number it has negative aspects as well.

I have the following suggestions for them:

• Try to control your emotions and be practical
• Do not over indulge in alcohol
• Try not to get passionate about things
• Try to control your flirtatious nature
• Avoid being lazy

Number 6 psychic should always follow the below to get more luck in their life:

Lucky Days: Wednesday and Friday are the lucky days of Number 6 psychic. They should always try to take important decisions on these days and try to do all the important work during this time.

Lucky Colors: The lucky colors of Number 6 people are blue and pink. Wearing these color clothes will make them lucky and give them positive energy.

Unlucky Colors: Number 6 psychic should strictly avoid the black color.

Unlucky Numbers: 8 should be avoided at all times.

Lucky Dates and Numbers: Lucky dates and numbers of Number 6 psychic are that of series 3, 6 and 9. Number 6 psychic should always try and do all their important work on these dates.

Lucky Stone: Diamond

Rules over: Number 6 rules over kidney and reproductive system

Professions most suited: Acting, Fashion Designers, textile merchants, jewelry designing, artists, poets, confectioners and restaurant business. Please note that, Psychic Number 6 people would be the best in these jobs but it does not mean that they will not do well in other work. Based on their strengths and weaknesses, they will be the best in these areas of work.

Destiny Number 6

Not very good as a destiny number: Females with destiny 6 generally get into unwanted sexual relationships. You can say it is their destiny what takes them into it. Also, number 6 destiny can get you involved into scandals. Perfect examples would be Sanjay Dutt and Michael Jackson.

Good story tellers: Number 6 destiny makes excellent authors. They get fame due to their writing and speaking skills.

Destiny 6 people always get all kinds of luxuries: Psychic 6 people want it while destiny 6 people always get it irrespective of whether they want it or not.

Peace Loving: Number 6 destiny people are seen to be cool and calm from outside. They are peace loving and generally would talk less as well. This also depends upon their psychic number and zodiac sign.

Romantic: Destiny 6 people are romantic in nature. But they often have unsuccessful relationships. Throughout their life they keep on having issues related to relationships. A perfect example would be Indian Actor Salman Khan.

Perfect for Entertainment Industry: Number 6 destiny is seen to bring people into entertainment industry. Remember that psychic is what you want whereas destiny is where your luck takes you. Often, Number 6 destiny people land up into entertainment and they do excellent in this field.

Destiny 6 is excellent with psychic 3, 6 and 9. These people are born lucky and enjoy their life. Destiny 6 with psychic 4 and 8 brings problems and makes the life struggling.

Name Number 6

Name Number 6 is an excellent number for people into entertainment industry. Name Number 6 is the number of luxury and is a highly materialistic number. It is one of the favorite numbers of all the numerologists. Since 6 is a universal number, number 6 can be safely used as a name number for mostly all the psychic numbers. Some of the world’s most famous celebrities have this number as their name number. Perfect examples are Adam Sandler and Shahrukh Khan. These days, numerologists give this name number to almost everyone into entertainment industry. Only name number 1 and 6 has the power to bring people into limelight.

Examples of Psychic Number 6

Sachin Tendulkar born on 24th April 1973
Madhuri Dixit born on 15th May 1967
Anil Kapoor born on 24th November 1960
Examples of Destiny Number 6
Michael Jackson born on 29th August 1958
Salman Khan born on 27th December 1965
Sanjay Dutt born on 29th July 1959

Examples of Name Number 6

Shahrukh Khan with Name Number 42
Tiger Woods with Name Number 42
Oprah Winfrey with Name Number 51
Britney Spears with Name Number 42

Further Discussion on Psychic Number 6

Psychic 6 people are the most romantic and passionate among all the numbers. Number 6 males just cannot stay with one girl for a lifetime. It’s not that they do not love their partners but they just can’t survive without flirting with other women. 90% of the Number 6 men will have a relationship outside their marriage. On the other hand, Number 6 women are unlucky in matters of love. They never feel satisfied with their partners; also it becomes difficult for them to find a good partner. Psychic 6 with destiny 3, 6 and 9 are considered to be lucky than others and they may settle with one partner. Both men and women are highly sensual and for them it is not about sex, it is about love making. They cannot have a relationship without getting emotionally involved with the person. Number 6 women have to suffer because of relationships before marriage. They are not lucky enough to find the right partner and settle easily, they will generally have more than one relationship before marriage. People born on 15th are the most stable among all the psychic number 6 people. Association with bad destiny and name number can make the life of Psychic Number 6 people very difficult and they may have several relationships one after the other.

Number 6 people are always young at heart and when it works negatively they get addicted to sex, alcohol and spending money lavishly. Throughout their life they run after luxuries and people of the opposite sex. When Number 6 turns positive it can do wonders as Number 6 is the number of responsibility as well.

Let’s discuss a few examples of Number 6. Sachin Tendulkar, the master blaster got married at a really young age as Number 6 people start feeling the need of opposite sex early in life. He is having a luxurious life and he is fond of spending money. He admitted that he is very fond of cars and watches and now he has even lost the count of number of watches he has. Cars are his passion and he is often seen driving a Ferrari on the roads of Mumbai.

Another example may be the Indian actress Madhuri Dixit. Madhuri has been known for her sensuality in the movies. She was at one time the leading actress of Indian cinema and has done wonders in romantic roles. She has a destiny number 7 and name number 2. Her name number 2 is weak because of which she was not able to make a comeback after getting married.

Number 6 psychic people have a different kind of aroma because of which the opposite sex gets attracted to them. Ideally, they want a life full of luxuries and they want their life partners to be beautiful and be an expert in the art of love making.

Number 6 people have a general tendency to be in the limelight. If we compare all the sport stars in India, we will see that the most popularly visible on the television are Sania Mirza, Sachin Tendulkar and Kapil Dev, all 3 are number 6. A name number 6 is perfect if you are in the field of entertainment.

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