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A common question by people – how will be this year for me?

Although astrology and numerology predictions depends on individual’s horoscope and numbers, there are certain planetary changes which can affect masses. For example, the time of recession, world wars etc. These planetary positions are rare but can be deadly. During these time, even if your horoscope is very good, you get affected.

One such condition is going on right now which is Saturn’s retrograde movement in Sagittarius from 6th April 2017. This will go on till 20th of June 2017 and not the best time for most in the world. No wonder, IT companies in India are planning to lay off up to 5% of their total workforce. Another event which can impact global economic condition is the increasing tensions between North Korea and United States of America. This can trigger a war. Even worse is for people in Syria.

Even after 20th June 2017, Saturn will not be in the best of position as it enters Scorpio which is its enemy house. Saturn will get straight around 25th August and then come back to Sagittarius for good on 8th October 2017. So below are the 3 dates which can prove to be your turning point if you are looking for change in career / a new job / financial condition:

20th June 2017

25th August 2017

8th October 2017

The above 3 dates are very crucial. Depending on your horoscope, one of the above dates may make your life better/worse.

Another important planetary condition arising is the change of Rahu’s house from Leo to Cancer in the month of August this year. Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn are important planets when it comes to changes in life as Rahu changes its house once in 18 months, Jupiter in 13 months and Saturn in 30 months. Movement of any of these planets can bring a long lasting impact in your life. Depending on your ascendant and moon sign, you can get an idea of how will it impact your life.

Jupiter will change its position in the month of September from Virgo to Libra. Generally Jupiter does not do too much harm like Saturn and Rahu, however depending on the transit in your horoscope it may impact you. August, September and October this year have 3 major transits and it will definitely impact your life or one of your close one’s life. It may be good or bad, depending on your horoscope. At times a work gets delayed for long and finally gets completed on the date of the transit. I have often seen changes happening on the date of transit as well, such is the power of these planets.

Why planets impact us?

Saturn is a teacher and the effects of a bad Saturn can be disastrous. Saturn often comes in life to teach and the sooner you learn, the sooner will Saturn give positive results. Saturn is here to remove the impurities of our life. It forces you to leave your bad habits and makes you work hard to get results. Saturn is a planet which can make you from rags to riches as well. Amitabh Bachchan is the result of an excellent Saturn in horoscope. Saturn will benefit you if you are grounded and hard working. Fast and quick money is not in the books of Saturn. Saturn believes in slow and steady wins the race.

There are planets which can give you quick money like Rahu and Venus. These planets can give you money with luck but definitely not Saturn.

Astrology should not only be used to know about the good and bad time. Astrology can reveal a lot beyond that as well. In the end, everyone gets results according to their hard work. Like I said earlier that during Rahu and Venus we can earn by luck, but what is luck? Luck is the accumulated hard work of years including your previous life’s karma for which you get the benefit now. We often say Mr X is lucky to win a huge lottery, is Mr X really lucky? No. He is getting the results of his hard work of previous life. Depending on the planetary influences we come under this life we can find out if we are lucky this life or more hard work is required to get results. Many people keep working hard throughout their life but are not able to reach a comfortable position. Astrology has an answer to it. On the other hand many people don’t have to do so much hard work still are at a comfortable position throughout their life. No matter what, everyone has earned their bread, some have done it in this life, and others have done the same in their previous life.

Previous life is not in our control but this life is. Astrology can provide us with an in-depth analysis of the future mahadashas (planetary influences) in this life which can help us plan our life better.

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Written By Mr.Izo

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