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Learn Palmistry through this article in minutes. Palmistry has held an interest for humans ever since the Stone Age, judging by the number of hands painted in prehistoric caves, or so it seems. Archaeological findings have uncovered hands made of wood, stone and ivory belonging to ancient civilizations. Information pertaining to various laws and practice of hand reading has been found in vedic scripts, the bible and early semitic writings. The Emperor of China himself used his thumbprint when sealing documents in 3000 BC. A treatise on palmistry was discovered by Aristotle (384 – 322 BC) on an altar to the god Hermes. The ancient Greek physicians, Hippocrates and Galen (AD 130 – 200) are known to have been knowledgeable about the use of palmistry as a clinical aid. It is also said the Julius Caesar (102 – 44 BC) judged his men by palmistry. Palmistry gained respectability in the 16th century through the writings of notable physicians like Paracelsus (1493-1541) and Robert Fludd (1574-1637). Later Dr. Carl Carus, physician to the King of Saxony in the 19th century matched palms to one’s personality. Palmistry has been propelled into the modern age by advances in genetics, forensics and psychology with Scotland Yard adopting the practise of fingerprinting in criminal investigation and identification in 1901.

Medical researchers studying skin patterns or dermatoglyphics have discovered unusual markings in the hand which correspond to genetic abnormalities. Research findings have in fact confirmed a link between specific fingerprint patterns and heart disease. Today palmistry is well accepted throughout the world. The reading of palms is much sought after by people as much as it is pursued by professional palmists in every country of the world. Thousands of books have been written on the subject and plenty palmistry clubs can be found spanning across the world.


Learn Palmistry and the Colour of the Skin

In palmistry a person’s health is often indicated by the colour of their hands. Ghastly pale or white hands are indicative of a lack of blood circulation. Pink hands usually denote good health. Red hands may indicate high blood pressure. Bluish hands indicate a sluggish condition of blood circulation. Rosy and pinkish is what the normal colour of the palm should be.
One of the common questions I get asked by people about palmistry is the difference between reading the right hand and the left hand. Palmists mostly examine the most active hand which is usually the one you write with. Current and future trends are reflected in your active hand while your passive hand is more reflective of your childhood.

Another question which I find interesting in palmistry is why do some people have many lines while others only a few? Well firstly, it is a noticeable fact that men tend to have fewer lines than women. The majority of hands comprise four major lines, that of the heart, life, head and fate lines. Many a young person has come to me seeking answers from palmistry about the right career choice. The point to be noted is that if a person has their career path set out and is determined to succeed in it, they will even if their palms say otherwise, for palmistry does not rob one of free will. It is usually found that people who love to work outdoors and like to constantly be on the move have spatula fingertips. Years of studying palmistry has also helped me notice that these very same people are often good inventors. People with earth shaped hands generally have a fondness for the countryside and often make good farmers or gardeners. They prefer stability to change, the latter of which can cause them great stress. A full set of square fingertips in palmistry denotes the orderly and methodical type of person for whom the highest degree of accuracy is of utmost importance. A leading example of such a person is an accountant.

Do you have loops on your palm which sits between your ring finger and the middle finger? These loops on women usually indicate the profession of nurses or teachers. On men it is symbolic of business skills and success in life, marked by a long middle finger in support of this. These people believe in getting ahead and it pleases me to find this loop in my reading of palms. That having been said, it brings about my next point about the index finger in palmistry. A strong index finger which thrusts out on its own shows a person who likes being a leader and decision-maker. Such people make good managers. A short index finger however is indicative of a person who prefers to work alone, often becoming self employed as writers or artists.

Palmistry reveals a lot about the work directions people will take in life. People with arch fingerprints usually have jobs which relate to special skills whereas whole fingerprints border on artistic skills in palmistry. Small handed people are known to do things on a large scale while people with big hands involve themselves with the finest of detail. Be that as it may, it is to be remembered that the size of your hand is relevant to your overall body size. On the other hand, people with air hands are good communicators as well as popular whose career paths often lead them into the field of media.

In the study of palmistry what can be said about people with a missing fate line? For one, these people are found to have a unique nature. They are overcome by a restless spirit, often changing jobs several times and never being able to settle down in life. The question I therefore put forward is how can palmistry help the employer find the right employee? The simplest way is to look at the fingers. Fingers which lie close together show a hard working and stable employee. Fingers with wide gaps in between show an employee who can create problems.


Palmistry and the Finger Nails

Square: An easy going nature with an even temperament.

Broad: A strong character with an explosive temper.

Fan Shape: Long term suffering from stress shapes the nails into this pattern.

Almond: A kind and gentle nature often given to day dreaming.

Narrow: Cold and selfish people.

Vertical Ridges: Indicative of rheumatic problems.

Horizontal Ridges: Reflect dietary deficiencies.

Dished: Chemical imbalance.

Wrap Around: Can indicate respiratory problems.

Over Large Moons: May indicate an overactive thyroid problem.

Red Bails: Indicates people who are impatient.

Pale Nails: May indicate an iron deficiency.


Learn Palmistry Revelations about Hair on the Hands

While most hands tend to have little or no hair, hair is commonly found on the back of men’s hands. The colour of the hair is as important. More hair symbolizes greater physical strength. A profusely hairy hand, usually found on men, denotes a high sex drive. These men also tend to over eat and in time of crisis they often revert to their animal instincts. A hand with sparse, fine or thin hair at the back indicates people who lack vigour. These people tend to suffer from nervous problems although on the upside, they are more diplomatic


Learn Palmistry Markings on the Line of Success

Palms marked by islands on the Line of Success indicate serious financial problems bordering on losses. Dots on the Line of Success indicate loss of name. Cutting bars on the Line of Success are the cause of setbacks in your career.


Part 1

Learn Palmistry – The Heart Line

Heart Line

The heart line is said to reveal much about the future as much as it also reveals the reason behind things happening. However, the heart line should not be relied upon to time certain events. Imagine two heart lines extending from the edge of the hand below the little finger to between the first and second fingers. The first line is marked by a deep curve while the second is straighter. The curved line which is actively related to matters of the heart is aggressive and demonstrative in love. The straight line which is passive is more receptive in love. A steep curve in the heart line below the index and middle finger indicates someone with a strong sexual desire. If the heart line ends up under the index finger it indicates someone who is choosy about their partner. Interestingly enough the curved line is commonly found on male hands while the straight line is more common on female hands.


Learn Palmistry – The Head Line

Head Line

The head line which usually ends somewhere under the ring finger, reveals how a person thinks but not how intelligent they are. A short head line denotes a person whose thinking is simple and straight to the point. A long headline indicates a person who thinks things through very carefully. A straight line shows clear and concentrated thinking while a curved line indicates a person who likes playing around with new ideas. Creative people have sloping head lines while practical people have horizontal head lines. Chained head lines belong to highly strung people. Floating head lines indicate a person with a carefree attitude. People with a fork in the headline have the ability to see more than one point of view and a head line which starts below the index finger bespeaks of a brilliant mind.


Learn Palmistry – The Life Line

Life Line

The life line does not reveal what age you will live to but instead reveals much about the quality of your life. It points towards how much vitality, strength and energy one has. A life line which runs close to the thumb indicates a person with a low vitality. This life line can sometimes be found in the hands of people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. A wide curve in the life line reflects a person full of vitality. Chained life lines indicate delicate health. Little lines rising indicate an active personality while outward swinging lines indicate a love of travel. If the head line is found to be more pronounced than the life line it characterizes a person who is more mentally rather than physically active. Most of the small lines on the life line relate to particular events at certain times of one’s life. A branch which leads to the Jupiter mount is a sign of academic achievement. A branch leading to the Saturn mount indicates property transactions which are met with success. A branch which leads towards the Apollo mount denotes monetary gain while a line branching towards the Mercury mount reveals business success.

Part 2

Learn Palmistry – The Fate Line

People who adjust to a certain daily pattern have strong fate lines. Weak fate lines can be attributed to those individuals who do are in a state of flux and indecision. Fate lines which begin right at the bottom of the palm tend to be for people who settle into life quite early. When fate line ends right at the head line, it usually indicates that the person seems to have his or her way between the ages of 30 to 40 years. Most fate lines end near the heart line. If the fate line happens to extend all the way to the middle finger, these people tend to remain active even when they turn old. A fate line tied to the heart line usually points out to a restricted childhood. Two fate lines are seen on the palm of individuals who pursue two professions at the same time. No fate line usually means no ambition. Drug addicts and alcoholics usually do not have these lines.


The Fire Hand

The fire hand is characterized by a long palm and stout fingers. People with the hand shape tend to be outgoing, active and brimming with life. They also tend to be emotional and excitable. They like to exert control over people. A number of strong lines dominate the hands, usually the whorl fingerprints. People with this design tend to have accidents and problems.


The Earth Hand

An earth hand person has square palms and short fingers. The fingertips have few lines and arches. These people do not like change. They tend to be slow and love nature. They make good workers as they are emotionally stable. Most successful photographers and artists do not have earth hands. Carpenters would have these hands. People like the outdoors, too.


The Air Hand

A square palm with long fingers characterizes the air hand. Lines are usually thin and prints have loops. These people love writing and talking. They have an infectious energy, making them perfect for the communication industry. They require intellectual stimulation and never have to face boredom. Travel tops their list.


The Water Hand

Water hand people have a rectangular palm as well as long fingers. Fines lines seem to dominate the fingers. The prints also have loops. People with this hand make for good poets and musicians. Fashion and beauty is also their forte. Emotions are important to these people.


The Middle Finger

A person with a long middle finger usually takes lie very seriously. They are ambitious and want to strive for better prospects. People with short middle fingers prefer not to work. Most people have mid-sized middle fingers – caught between being ambitious and laidback.


The Ring Finger

Creative people tend to have long ring fingers. Art and fashion design is where they will excel. Sometimes, a gambling problem could be associated with a long middle finger. Short ring fingers are rare.


The Little Finger

A long middle finger usually means a high I.Q. Good speakers and writers have a long little finger. They also have a strong libido. A short little finger usually means emotional immaturity. A low set little finger usually means that the person has a rocky relationship with his or her parents. They could have also been victims of child abuse. If the little finger sticks out from the hand, the person is involved in a relationship they do not want to be part of.


The Simian Line

The simian line extends across the hand and covers the heart and head line. This usually means inner tension and turmoil. It could take a creative or destructive turn. Religious fanatics usually have a simian line. Medicine has revealed that simian lines could be associated with heart defects. Those people with this line never truly find peace. They look for answers they never get. There is no middle ground – only right and wrong. People with this line put in 200% all the time.


Shapes of Finger Tips


Square: These people are careful and methodical thinkers. They believe in approaching life rationally. They tend to be less than creative.

Pointed: Sensitive and fragile. These people are usually artists, writers and poets

Conic: These people are good negotiators and are flexible. Emotional security ensures peace of mind.

Spatula: Dynamic thinkers. They are pioneers and inventors in their field.


Learn Palmistry – Types of Finger Prints


Whorls: These people are individualistic and tend to stand out for being talented.

Arch: These people are usually suspicious and never believe anything at first. They are hard workers and will do well in trade.

Loops: These people are friendly and get along with everyone. They can communicate well. Tented Arch: These people are deeply committed to everything they do.

Composite Print: This rare print means these people are troublemakers.


Part 3

Learn Palmistry – The Apollo Line

Apollo Sun Line

The Apollo line is also referred to as the line of the sun. Although not present in every hand, it represents happiness and excitement. The line may start from different points in the palm. If the line starts high up in the palm, it brings success.

A patchy Apollo line would mean intermittent success. Those with no Apollo line will feel happiness is out of reach. Multiple lines indicate many talents but master of none. If the Apollo line begins from the fate line, it indicates the time in the person’s life when his talents will be recognized. A star on the Apollo line means great success. An island on the Apollo line means the person will go through a period of low self-esteem.


The Medical Stigmata Associated with Palmistry

A pattern is usually found on the palm of people in the medical field known as the medical stigmata. It refers to a small area of vertical lines below the little finger. People who have these lines will associate themselves with medical or social work. Nurses and doctors usually have these lines. These lines show that doctors choose the profession for prestige and money while nurses make a decision to join based on emotions. A hand which has the medical stigmata and a number of fine lines will be drawn towards social work. An unusual marking referred to as the St Andrew cross is found on the hands of people who have helped save the life of someone.


Heart Ailments

Peoples hands can also reveal the heart ailments they have. Short nails usually mean that the person has a history of heart problems. Arch fingerprints also indicate heart problems as well as high blood pressure. The simian line also indicates heart problems. If the heart line possesses a prominent chaining, it could mean heart problems. Fragmentation at the end of the heart line usually occurs before a heart attack. Clubbed fingertips could also mean heart problems.


The Teachers Square

This little square is found just below the index finger and is a common occurrence in people who are teachers. This could also mean that the person is a life teacher and may not necessarily get paid.

The Mercury Line

If the mercury line starts at the mount of Luna or branches out from the life line, it is a sign of good business acumen. If the mercury line starts right on the Venus mount and passes through the life line are associated with caring business. While this line may have represented poor health in the past, it has been proven wrong. It usually indicates personal health.

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Learn Palmistry – Minor Lines of Prominence


The Mars Line

This line usually runs inside the life line. It represents extra protection and energy.


Via Lascivia

This is a horizontal line which extends across the mount of Luna. It was believed to represent immorality or promiscuity in the past. It now represents allergies.


The Thumb

This indicates the amount of passion and drive a person has. An ordinary thumb usually means an ordinary person. The thumb usually has two sections, the top half which represents willpower and the other half which represents passion and drive in achieving goals. A large thumb usually means a strong personality. Small thumbs indicate that the person is gentle. Long, broad thumbs indicate a person’s willingness to succeed.

Long, narrow thumbs refer to people who want to be a success but do not have the drive for it. Small, broad thumbs indicate a lack determination. Thumbs with an exceptionally wide top indicate aggressive behaviour while a narrow top would mean weakness. A thumb with a thick top joint refers to a person who is blunt. A tapered tip indicated subtlety. A thumb that finds itself close to the side of the hand refers to a person who is stingy. A thumb that sticks out would mean a carefree personality.


Learn Palmistry – Significance of Palm Mounts

A comparison of the various kinds of mounts which are present on a person’s hand:

Mount of Jupiter: This can be found at the bottom of the index finger and is indicative of self-worth. A well rounded mount refers to self-confidence. If it covers a large area, it points to generosity. If it is high it means high-handedness.

Mount of Saturn: This is usually found under the middle finger. A large mount usually means a gloomy attitude.

Mars Positive: This is located in the crease of the thumb. If it is well-developed, it means the person has courage and possesses fighting spirit. If it is flat, it indicates cruelty.

Mount of Venus: This is found at the thumb’s base. If it is underdeveloped, it indicates poor health.

Learn Palmistry – The Loops of Palmistry

Humour Loop: Found between the Apollo and mercury fingers. It usually means a person has a dry sense of humour.

Vocation Loop: Located between Saturn and Apollo fingers and indicates dedication to work.

Rajah Loop: This rare loop is found between Saturn and Jupiter fingers. There may have been royal blood in the family.

Courage Loop: Located in the thumb joint and refers to courage.

Music Loop: It extends from the thumb edge onto the Venus mount and usually refers to people who are natural musicians.

Inspiration Loop: It extends from the wrist to the centre of the palm and mostly found in poets.

Nature Loop: Found across the mount of Luna and indicates an affinity to nature and animals.

Water Loop: It flows effortlessly down to the Luna mount and usually means that the person is strongly connected to water.


The Good Luck Indicator

The star is considered as the most important indicator of luck. However, the star should be located on the upper mounts of Apollo, Mercury or Jupiter, or at a point along the Apollo line or near the top of the Fate line. If located on the Jupiter mount, it means good fortune, marriage into money and attaining a level of influence. A star on the Apollo mount refers to talents which will bring fame and fortune. If attached to the Apollo line, it means major money.


The Travel Signs

An earth hand person will want to go back to the same destination over and over again. Air hands indicate a love for travel and a keenness to join the travel industry. Fire hand people like exploring new places and having an adventure. People with a water hand like mystical and spiritual places. Islands or stars located on the travel lines, situated on the edge of the Luna mount, could spell trouble and problems. Islands indicate that the holiday was not good. Stars on the travel line refer to danger.


Lines of Retirement

Earth hand people do not enjoy the idea of retirement and prefer to work right till the end. Air hand, post retirement, and engage in activities and other pursuits which occupy their time. Fire hand people may join clubs and community projects. Water hand people enjoy retirement and are content lazing around or reading.


Knuckles and Joints

Smooth knuckles mean people are quite particular about their appearance. People with uneven knuckles are calmer. Smooth fingers mean receptiveness to information and the surrounding environment. If the bottom joints are prominent, the person is usually organized. Top and bottom pronounced joints tend to be the philosophers and analyze information before taking a decision.


The Setting of Fingers

Personality traits such as strength of character may be seen from the way the fingers are set into the palm. People with evenly set fingers are rare but when found indicate confidence. These people become very successful in life. An uneven setting indicates a person with a lack of self-confidence, especially if the little finger is very low set. A person with an arched setting will have a well balanced personality.


Skin Textures

Skin texture usually refers to natural refinement of a person. Soft and delicate texture would mean the person is sensitive and refined. Transparent skin is found on people who are god-fearing and honest. Thin skin is usually found on people who are very sensitive. Thick skin would indicate stubbornness. Course skin can be found in people who are grounded. Smooth skinned people are artistic and creative.


Hand Flexibility

The degree of flexibility on the hand will determine a person’s mental and emotional health. People with flexible hands will be more adjusting and will fit in to any environment. A stiff hand is indicative of a rigid outlook on life. A hand that is flexible enough to bend backwards in a graceful manner would mean that the person can respond to a situation promptly. A moderately flexible hand is common. People with this type of hand will be more balanced while also being able to control themselves in a situation. A hand that is extremely flexible means the person is easily led astray by people. A firm hand would mean a person is strong, conservative and will be able to save money.


Hand Size Significance

The hand size will help judge a person’s personality and character. Small hands mean that the person has a determination to succeed and set long term goals. These people also tend to have a big ego. Medium hands mean the person is well balanced and has a good sense of judgement. They are also practical and have their head on their shoulders. People with large hands are multi-talented and are able to set a number of goals at the same time. They get along well with people and are social animals.


The Mount of Apollo Markings

A star on the mount indicates prestige and wealth. A triangle means good luck. A cross is not a good sign and could result in dreams crashing. A circle is rare and indicates fame.


The Mount Of Mercury Markings

A star located on the Mount of Mercury spells professional satisfaction. A cross underneath the Mount will ensure that bad luck stays away from the business. A cross on the mount indicates a diplomatic nature. A square on the mount indicates that a person would be a good teacher. A triangles means the person is amiable and gets along well with others. A grill is not a good sign and indicates nervousness.


Mount of Venus Markings

In palmistry a cross on the Mount of Venus is an indicator of finding true love. A mark bearing a triangle shows a person who will marry for money. Trouble in finding true love in one’s life is indicated by a star at the base of the Mount of Venus. If the palm has a grill on the Mount of Venus, it is a sign of sensuality while an island is indicative of a loss of opportunities. Small circles on the Mount indicate adultery. Square markings serve as protection in love.


Plain of Mars Markings

A Plain of Mars that’s marked by many fine lines indicates a person with a sudden temper. A double trident indicates a person who is gifted in the arts. A cross is reflective of a person who is mostly of an argumentative disposition.


Lower Mount of Mars Markings

A cross that’s found on the Lower Mount of Mars acts as protection against a risk of sudden death. A grille indicates an argumentative person. A triangle denotes fame which stems from a brave deed. A star reveals the achievement of one’s goals through hard work.


Mount of Moon Markings

A star on the Mount of Moon in palmistry signifies someone with a very vivid imagination. A circle on the Mount acts as a warning against travel on water. A cross is indicative of someone who tends to have very exaggerated views of life. A square offers protection against danger in travel while a grille is a bad omen and which usually points towards illness.


Mount Of Pluto Markings

A triangle on the Mount of Pluto adds to one’s powers in the occult. A grille points towards strong psychic powers while a line of intuition indicates a true psychic.


Mount Of Neptune Markings

A circle, star, or triangle on the Mount of Neptune signifies someone possessing great artistic and musical talent. A cross or grille however is not a good sign. Persons with these markings tend to suffer from drugs or alcohol problems.


The Worry Line Markings

An island on the Worry Line is associated with a tragic love affair ending in shame. A fork at the end of the Worry Line which crosses the Heart Line points towards a marriage breakdown. A star on the Worry Line indicates quarrels with relatives.


Markings on Defective Lines

The Uneven Line is a defective line that can be seen on any line. It is usually deep and then thins out as it continues along the length of the line. A broad and shallow line is suggestive of a person who is marked by uncertainty and very poor self-control. Capillary Lines are finely traced lines which run together to unite into one line. A Mount with a capillary line indicates a diminishing of power. Lines which look like waves indicate a person who lacks the ability to make decisions, rendering them followers instead leaders. The Tassle which is a group of lines that extend from the end of a line is always considered a defective line and it marks the end of a line’s usefulness. Broken Lines which are often seen are indicative of a defective condition. The kind of break shows the result of the defect. The Chained Line marks a very serious defect and is hard to repair.


The Quadrangle Area Markings

A person with a clear psychic cross in the Quadrangle which does not touch any line usually turns out to be a very gifted psychic. The presence of defective signs causes restlessness in the person. A Star in the Quadrangle area however is a good sign which points towards outstanding success.


Great Triangle Markings

An argumentative person is characterized by a cross in the Triangle. A Star in the Triangle signifies great success. A grille in the Triangle indicates hidden enemies while a circle in the Triangle indicates problems with the opposite sex.


Ring Of Saturn Markings

The presence of a Ring of Saturn that is marked by a Fate Line which has a dot, cross or star is indicative of a person whose career could be on the ruin through lack of concentration. A person with a Ring of Saturn having a head line which is large or grilled and slopes low on the Mount of Moon shows a person with great imagination. A Ring of Saturn which is composed of two lines that form a cross on the Mount of Saturn it a bad sign which points towards suicidal tendencies.


Line of Intuition Markings

While an island in the Line of Intuition brings poor success, an island at the beginning of the Line of Intuition shows someone who is prone to sleepwalking. A Line of Intuition which ends in a star marks great success in life. A merging of the Line of Intuition with the Fate Line shows career success for a person.


Psychic Hand Markings

A strong psychic sense is marked by a cross mystique that lies in the centre of the Quadrangle area between the Head and Heart lines. The Crescent of Intuition is seen on the palms of those with good E.S.P. A large amount of crosses on the hand reveals good psychic abilities as does a Triangle on the Mount of Saturn. The psychic palm is often marked by fine spidery lines. The Mount of the Moon which is strongly developed toward the wrist is a sign of good psychic ability.


Lines Of Influence Markings

A Star at the end of the Line of Influence marks the end of that influence. Where the Line of Influence crosses the Life or Head line and a red dot is formed, a major illness or accident is formed. A Worry Line which starts from a Star on the end of a Line of Influence and cuts past the Life Line is indicative of a death of a relative at that time in the Life Line.


Mars Line Markings

Mars Lines which cut across the Line of Success that’s marked by a dot or cross at the end of the line results in the destruction of one’s reputation. If the Line of Mars ends on the Mount of the Moon with a cross, dot, or star this person is likely to die of alcohol or drug abuse. If the Line of Mars ends on the Mount of the Moon with a star, dot or cross, and the Head Line ends in a star, this person will be susceptible to a mental breakdown at the time the star appears.

Bracelet Line Markings

A star which can be found on top of the bracelet line usually forecasts a legacy. A cross would indicate problems when a person becomes an adult. A chained bracelet line would mean a life which is full of struggles. Lots of islands on the bracelet line indicate that the person worries about life.


Widowhood Signs

A black dot prominent on the Marriage Line indicates widowhood. A break in the line would indicate the death of a partner. When the marriage line ends with a Star on the Mount of Mercury it usually indicates the death of a partner. When a Marriage line is cut at the end of it by another line, it also indicates death.


Marriage Line Marks

An island on this line would usually mean an unhappy marriage. When the line ends in a star, it means the relation will end on an explosive note. Branches on the underside of the line would mean that the marriage would end with heartbreak. Branches that uplift from the line indicate a happy marriage.


Ways to Make a Palm Print

Firstly, you will be required to assemble the equipment needed in black water soluble printing ink, quality paper, rubber roll, a rubber pad in addition to a marble slab. Put an inch of black ink on the marble slab and spread it with a rubber roller to cover the hand. You will then be required to place your hand on the ink and spread across the palm in order to ensure an effective palmistry print. The rubber roller can be used to spread the ink on the other part of the hand. A piece of paper will then be placed on a rubber pad and gently press keeping your hand and fingers absolutely still. Make an imprint with hands and fingers on the paper. Lift the hand carefully and remove ink. You will have a perfect palmistry print.

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