Name Number 2
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Name Number 2 is ruled by the Moon. Many people belonging to the creative field have this Name Number according to Name Numerology. Most prominent among them are Priyanka Chopra (47), Madhuri Dixit (38) and Kamal Hassan (29).

Name Numerology tells us that people with this Name Number are usually gentle and peace loving. They are very political and if this number is teamed up with a favourable destiny and psychic number then it can bring a lot of fame.

The concept of name numerology is applied to not just persons but also to businesses. According to business name numerology this number is good for businesses dealing with export, import and herbal and pharmaceuticals.

However, since it is not a very strong number and indicates a lot of struggle, it is best avoided and if used it is advisable to team it only with favourable Destiny and Psychic numbers and by people in the creative field.

Good Numbers: 38 and 47
Avoid Numbers: 20, 29 and 92

Some favourable Psychic and Destiny numbers for Name Number 2 are 1 and 7.

If you are not sure what your Name Number is then calculate it using a Name Numerology Calculator. If you are facing trouble in your career or business it could be due to a weak Name number. Consult a Numerologist and experience how the power of numbers can bring success into your life.

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Written By Mr.Izo

The motto of Mr. iZO is to give life to the numbers and since past ten years he has been spreading the power of numbers among the mass.

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