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Name Number 8 is ruled by Saturn and even though many successful individuals have this name number it is not suitable for everybody. Some of the celebrities include:

Brad Pitt (26), Tom Cruise (35), Michael Jackson (44), Rahul Dravid (35)

Even though a lot of celebrities share this name number they are at a risk of losing their fame overnight. Due to this unpredictable and extreme turn of events brought by name number 8 many numerologists prefer not to suggest it to anybody.

People with this name number have a troubled life with a lot of obstacles impeding their growth. Therefore it will be a good idea to avoid it. Especially individuals involved in any sort of illegal activities having a name number 8 face immense trouble.

According to name numerology this number is suitable for people who have a strong Saturn in their horoscope.

According to business name numerology, a name number 8 is good for tobacco or alcohol related businesses. A very successful example is the brand “Kingfisher” for its beer business. Also Name Number 8 attracts masses. Amitabh Bachchan got success from 1971 which his Saturn period started. Saturn denotes 8. Facebook and Twitter are Number 8 and they have attracted masses. Number 8 does excellent for Psychic Number 5 people. What Psychic Number are you?

Good Numbers: 26 and 35 but does not suit everyone

Avoid Numbers: 44, 53 and 62

Name Number 8 – Know more about it. See the video below

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