name number 9
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Name Number 9 is a pretty good name number and 27 or 36 being the best. Even then it is not as good as name numbers 1, 5 or 6. People who already have psychic and destiny 9 must never use this name number.

Name numerology suggests that people with psychic 3 or 6 are best suited for name number 9. Warren Buffet serves as the perfect example with psychic 3, destiny 6 and a Name Number 9.

3, 6 and 9 combination is the best in numerology. Name Number 9 is ruled by Mars and it gives a lot of energy. It may not be the best Name Number but is good nevertheless.

Sometimes this number is suggested by numerologists as a Name Number to individuals who feel lazy or who lack the quality of taking initiatives. But again it is important to see that the number is one of the lucky numbers or is compatible with the psychic and destiny number.

Good Numbers: 27, 36, 54 and 63

Avoid Numbers: 18 and 45

Name Numerology is based on the name of the person and is therefore influences some of the most important aspects of his/her life. Thus, before considering a name change it would be advisable to consult a numerologist. He/she will guide you through the best possible options that will bring you success and prosperity.

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Written By Mr.Izo

The motto of Mr. iZO is to give life to the numbers and since past ten years he has been spreading the power of numbers among the mass.

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