Corporate Numerology
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Have you ever heard of the term business or Corporate Numerology? Chances are, you have. In a nutshell, Corporate Numerology is calculating numbers to design lucky brand names, so that they become successful in business and beat other brands in competition. Hence, if you’ve got a business and you want it to run smoothly and have thriving profits, you must get a help of an expert numerologist for ensuring lucky brand names and numbers. Your brand name is as crucial as your business and personal names and decides your success.

Lucky Numbers For Business Prospect

According to business numerology, numbers 28 and 29 are not so lucky. However, many argue that some brand names with numbers 28 and 29 are successful in business and have skyrocketed in fame both in India and abroad. For example, brands like Google, Volvo, Qualcomm, Infosys, Indiabulls all have numbers 29 and are immensely popular and booming in business. Hence, one shouldn’t rely too much on age-old and bookish numerological details and have recourse to new and scientific innovations in numerology. Some brands with numbers 28 and 29 are successful simply because they didn’t stick to traditional numerology and took to business numerology for outstanding success. Besides lucky numbers, best and auspicious time for launching your brand is also equally important. It decides name, fame, growth, image, conduct and overall profit for your company.


Calculating Lucky Business Numbers

Corporate Numerology is easy and different from the tried and tested methods of numerology. Every number does not go well with every kind of business. For example, name numbers 4 & 8 are considered to be risky but they are good for certain types of business or products, like night clubs. Also, the number matches well with businesses dealing with tobacco and alcohol.

The table below indicates the lucky number which should be used for the particular industry.

Planet Number Sectors:

Sun          1      PSU, Real Estate, Machinery
Moon       2      Pharma, Oil, Water
Jupiter     3      Banking
Rahu        4      IT
Mercury   5     Telecommunications
Venus       6     Auto, Entertainment, Garments
Ketu          7     Oil, Water
Saturn      8      Machinery, Heavy Engineering
Mars         9      Electricity, Real Estate


Below Are Some Important Corporate Numerology Tips:

For small business or promoter-driven companies, psychic numbers are significant and needs to be given importance. Name number of the company is suggested to be among the lucky numbers of the promoter, owner or partner.

  • Number 4 and 8 should be used with discretion. These two numbers do not suit every business.
  • For companies dealing in garments, luxury goods and restaurant business or into entertainment industry, name number 6 is favorable. If for some reason name number 6 cannot be used, name number 1 is the second option.
  • Name number 6 is a universal number and can be used for any industry in case you are not able to fix another number. Also, Number 1 is another alternative.
  • Numbers 1, 3, 5, 6 and 9 are considered to be good name numbers while fixing your company name. Number 9 can be used for real estate and any kind of business dealing with heavy industry, engineering or any business which needs a lot of energy.
  • Number 2 and 7 should be used for businesses dealing with water, oil etc. Also, number 2 is perfect for pharmaceutical companies and number 7 is best for export/import businesses.
  • For private limited or public limited companies, both the brand and full name should be used. For example, for Reliance Industries, we need to see the name number of Reliance as well as Reliance Industries Ltd. Here we can analyze the number of “Ltd” as 11 or “Limited” as 22 depending upon what will the client use in all the stationary.
  • For private limited companies, Pvt. Ltd or Private Limited can be used. We need to give more weight to a brand name rather than the company name as a whole.
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