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Dara Khosrowshahi, Expedia, Highest Paid CEO

Salary: $94.6 million

Currently, the highest paid CEO in the world is the head of Expedia. Inc., earning a stupendous amount of $94.6 million. In fact, he is the only CEO who got an investment raise of 881% by the company who hired him for a long term employment agreement until 2020. His base salary is not the only earning means as he has got stock options along with other benefits.

Dara Khosrowshahi is born on 28th May 1969 making him psychic 1, destiny 9 and name 1. 1 falls under the rule of Sun, the most powerful celestial body bestowing enormous energy and will to attain the victorious position. 9 is ruled by Mars, the fieriest planet known for extreme courage and bravery. 1and 9 together shares a selfless and understanding relation making it inevitably the most energetic combination ever visualized in the history of numerology. Perhaps, this combination has played a vital role in lifting Dara’s career to a notch that all visualize of attaining.

Leslie Moonves, CBS Corporation

Salary: $56.8 million

CBS is the biggest television broadcasting companies paying its head a sum of $56.8 million annually. Leslie is the only man solely responsible for the network exploration option germane to digital space.

Leslie Moonves is born on 6th October 1949 making him psychic 6, destiny 3 and name 3. 6 is guided by the most benefic planet Venus bolstering creativity, attractiveness, and an immune trait to attract money. 3 is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and knowledge that embeds great heights of success. A strong Jupiter along with powerful Mercuric characteristics is the elements that have contributed in Leslie’s triumph.

Robert Iger, Disney

Salary: $44.9 million

Robert Iger, receives an annual salary of $44.9 million. Star Wars: The Force Awaken and Pixar’s Inside Out were Disney’s major releases. In spite of a heavy drop in Iger’s salary from $46.5 million to $44.9 million in 2015, his brilliant work kept him going and at last, the release of Star Wars franchise took a high toll in his career. Iger’s work was highly appreciated as the movie broke the box office records, thereby ending his early retirement plan for the year 2016 which is now extended till 2018.

Robert Iger is born on 10th February 1951 making him psychic 1, destiny 1 and name 6. 1, the number demonstrating the most vigorous celestial body Sun is dynamically the most formidable number that has influenced Robert’s commendable achievement. Robert’s career has brightened up due to the support of number 6 conveying his solemn interest in a creative and inventive field. 1 along with 6 builds a successful combination ensuring independence in thoughts and creativity of the mind.

Philippe Dauman, Viacom

Salary: $44.3 million

The salary structure of the CEO of Viacom was in news for infinite reasons. Financial analysts speculated that a pretty large amount of compensation money was being given to the CEO and other top-ranked executives which were somewhat disproportionate to the gains collected by the company. Even at the time the company was facing performance issues, Dauman’s salary remained unchanged while his contract was extended to 2018.

Philippe Dauman is born on 1st March 1954 making him psychic 1, destiny 5 and name 6. This fellow shares an amazing combination of numbers 1, 5 and 6. 1 demonstrating Sun makes him individually reliable and independent, 5 demonstrating Mercury makes him mentally and physically strong and bold while 6 demonstrating Venus strewing him with the x-factor to excel in the creative field related to entertainment.

Sandeep Mathrani, General Growth Properties

Salary: $39.2 million

The CEO of General Growth, Sandeep Mathrani, fortunately, got a hike over his salary the previous year which is keeping him tied to the desk until the year 2020. His salary is estimated to be exactly $39.2 million. Previously he was working for Vornado Realty Trust. Surprisingly, he is the man behind revolutionizing the mall industry.

Sandeep Mathrani sums to name number 9. Sandeep has an attachment with the extremist of all numbers in numerology. Number 9 is the sole number that generates excess energy to achieve the impossible. His excellence as a CEO of General Growth Properties makes it worthy of the fact that the number 9, ruled by Mars is incongruous with his accomplishments as the planet exerts enormous power and energy in the right direction.

David Zaslav, Discovery Communications

Salary: $33.3 million

David Zaslav saw a humongous salary drop from $156.1 million to $33.3 million. In spite of the massive cut in his salary he still manages to be on the list of world’s top 10 paid CEOs.  Though his salary was cut down but still he signed a contract with the company until 2019.

David Zaslav is born on 15th January 1960 making him psychic 6, destiny 5 and name 1. 6, 5 and 1 is a good combination shared by David. More than good it is massively a powerful combination to appear in the subject of numerology. It is this combination that has made him sustainably a strong fellow that kept him going with his work even after a massive drop in his salary structure. In spite of the drop the powers generated by the respective planets of his numbers kept him mentally strong and worthy of the success that he receives till date.

Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo

Salary: $26.4 million

Indra Nooyi the CEO of PepsiCo receives a paid package of $26.4 million. With her salary, Nooyi also received an additional bonus of $13.9 million for playing a crucial role in saving the company from losing a sum of $1 billion through cost cutting.

Indra Nooyi is born on 28th October 1955, making her psychic 1, destiny 4 and name 7. Indra shares an attachment with psychic 1, ruled by Sun making her competent of attaining massive triumph and wealth throughout life. Destiny 4 is a satisfactory number that emboldens her with heavy responsibilities. Name 7 grants her with intuitive powers to realize uncertainty in situations and take decisions accordingly. Indeed, the world’s richest man Bill Gates born on 28th October 1955 astonishingly is also psychic 1, destiny 4 and name 7- sharing exactly the same numbers as Nooyi.

Indeed the conclusion which can be drawn is that Number 1, ruled by Sun plays a vital role in the success of a being. Sun the most powerful body emits undying success and power to accomplish the desired. Billionaires like Carlos Slim born on 28th January, Bill Gates born on 28th October, Amancio Ortego born on 28th March, Charles Koch born on 1st November; all share psychic 1 in common, a number bestowing them with infinite richdom and fame.  Moreover, Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft born on 19th August 1967 is the first non-American CEO who was probably the highest paid CEO in the year 2014. Nadella is also psychic 1 with destiny 5. India’s richest and well-known personalities Ratan Tata and Dhirubhai Ambani were born on 28th December also summing to psychic 1.


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