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Compatibility Numerology is used to analyze different aspects of life. By utilizing this astrological aspect we can determine exact occurrence or incidences of one’s life. Depending on Vedic astrology, matchmaking of bride and groom is carried out based on birth chart. Similarly in the subject of numerology, match making is performed by analyzing a collective set of numbers associated with the duo.

We often witness a number of couple who are unable to live peacefully together due to compatibility issues. Hence, if you get a marriage proposal, it is advised that you match your numerology numbers with your partner before reaching to any conclusion.

Numerological predictions are completely based on Name number, Root number and Destiny number. Numerological predictions are dependent on the calculations attained from these groups and other numbers of a person. Calculation of Name, Root and Destiny numbers are effective way of attaining accurate readings about marriage. Therefore while assessing whether a marriage will be good or not it is important to make certain that the numbers of the couples match with each other. If the numbers does not match then remedies or measures must be taken to establish good relation or compatibility between the numbers.

Importance of Compatibility Numerology in marriage making:

Name number plays a vital role in setting numerological match. To find the name numbers of the duo, the names are written separately in English and then the numbers of the letters are added. If the final result proceed number 9 then the numbers are once again broken and added to get a final single number which then becomes the name number of the person. For instance, if the number is 32 then it is further broken into 3+2=5.

1 and 1 compatibility numerology:

If the husband and wife both are number 1 then it is relevant that both will compete for the same thing. This is a relation filled with excitement and activity. There want for similar stuff may give rise to confusions and complexities in their married life.

1 and 2 compatibility numerology:

Number 1 is best equipped to be the breadwinner while number 2 will be the one to feather the nest and keep the warmth of love alive in their relationship.

1 and 3 compatibility numerology:

The compatibility between number 1 and 3 is lively and enjoyable. Number 3 is good at acknowledging the accomplishments of number 1. Number 3 provides ideas and number 1 provides the push.

1 and 4 compatibility numerology:

The desire of number 4 to control number 1 proves to be a tough sell. 1’s focuses on making things happen now while this attitude of number 1 frustrates number 4. This relationship is an odd one as both the partners share opposite interests. But if both of them can accept one another for what they are, then their respective strengths can make a strong relationship.

1 and 5 compatibility numerology:

This is a compatible combination as both the numbers crave for enormous freedom in their relationship. Drive for freedom is paramount for both the couple. Both of them are generally too busy with their work that they spent less time together. But the time that they spent is special and exciting.

1 and 6 compatibility numerology:

This is a combination that involves great deal of struggle. 6 crave to be together with their partner but number 1 wants absolute independence in relationship. This pair can be successful if they learn to sideline their roadblocks and give each other the needed support.

1 and 7 compatibility:

This combination involves distinct energies set together to give a nice blend. 7 provide wise insights while 1 act as motivators. The major key to success in this relationship is to understand both of their tendencies. 1 may remain too busy with the outer world to remain with 7 while 7 may be too busy with the spiritual or inner world to remain with 1. This relation works out if neither of them takes this absence personally.

1 and 8 compatibility numerology:

This is a good match if viewed from business standpoint. But however it may be a questionable relationship. Both are assertive and authoritative that meager expectations can far transcend reality. Negative comments from either of the pair can prove deadly in their pairing. This relationship can be successful if both the pairs are compromising in outlook.

1 and 9 compatibility numerology:

The factor of selflessness is brought by number 9 which allows number 1 to work in a surrounding that is understanding and smooth flowing. If there is any trouble in relationship then it will generally come from 9s as they face difficulty tolerating 1’s individualistic behavior.

2 and 2 compatibility numerology:

The compatibility between both the souls is great as both believe in the agenda of giving and receiving love. The only caution for this couple is that they both must remember how thin their skin is so that they do not cause any verbal injury to each other. This is the only general problem that can result in their break up.

2 and 3 compatibility numerology::

These two are potentially good partners because they share good humor and good chemistry. The 3 is outspoken and is generally on stage revealing their social nature while 2 is happy being a lark standing aback and relishing the show. Number 2 acts as a catalytic balance that stabilizes the needs of 3.

2 and 4 compatibility numerology::

This is a steady and comforting pairing. 4 is ultimate builder when it comes to family as security is the forte of number 4. The only difficulty is that 2 needs love and affection to be shown while 4 is sometimes not so expressive.

2 and 5 compatibility:

The main requirement of 2 is family and a sense of being loved while 5 requires complete freedom. Hence, the chemistry between the two may face some difficulties. These two may easily provide what is missing but definitely it is not going to be an easy way for the duo.

2 and 6 compatibility:

This is a good combination signifying great love. Number 6 is overly concerned about family while 2 is overly concerned of receiving love and care. But still both must consider and analyze each other’s feelings.

2 and 7 compatibility numerology::

Strong and dissimilar needs are associated with this pair. 2 require demonstrative love and care while 7 requires good deal of space. This pairing can only work if both of them stay tuned in to the needs of one another.

2 and 8 compatibility numerology::

This pairing may work well because both of them have a clear vision for each other’s role. 8 deals with outer world and takes care of the financial requirements of the family while 2takes care of the family and pampers the ego of their partner.

2 and 9 compatibility:

Both the couple share wonderful relationship.2 requires constant attention while 9 is caring in nature. But the care which number 9 possesses is spread to all humanity and is often not focused at home. 9 is born as a natural leader while 2 is a natural follower.

3 and 3 compatibility:

Terms like wild and interesting describes the pairing well. Pair of 3s are understanding and supportive in nature. The duo may face pitfall or a stumbling block in their relationship when neither of the partner are ready to hold on to reins of practical day life.

3 and 4 compatibility numerology::

On the pairing spontaneous 3 with the micro manager 4 an in securable relation is created. The 3 views each day as it comes while 4 designs a perfect plan for the coming future. If the two are able to access the stability point then their relationship can adjust with each other’s shortcomings.

3 and 5 compatibility numerology::

This is the most socially adept combinations. The two find each other interestingly entertaining. Daily plans involving social get together, travel, numerous opportunities promises that this relationship will never turn out to be monotonous.

3 and 6 compatibility:

In most cases this natural combination works well. The ever enthusiastic 3 is full of ideals while the stabilized 6 is supportive and encouraging in nature. The chemistry between the duo is rock solid and strong. The only challenge persistent in this relationship may come from 6 if he turns out to be jealous due to 3’s flirtatious nature.

3 and 7 compatibility numerology::

These two share distinct interests. 3 constantly want to be on the swirly go with activities involving travel, adventure and social contact while 7 finds all of it intolerable. 7 crave for solitude which 3 may fail to give because of its outgoing nature. Confrontation between the duo never works. The relationship can only stand agile if there is open dialog regarding wants, needs and goals.

3 and 8 compatibility numerology::

This relationship requires extra effort because of the departure of needs and wants. 8 require accomplishing its goals and authority to feel happy while 3 remain at a let go without attention and stimulation. Th/e relationship can succeed only if there is frequent getaways like times when 3 gets 8 away from business to a place to offer some relaxation and comfort.

3 and 9 compatibility numerology::

This combination is wonderfully amazing as both the people are felicitously apt in keeping each other endlessly engaged in diverse ways. Both are extrovert and socially adept in a crowd. Number 9 is the teacher while 3 is an ever ready student. Even if the pair settle down, romantic adventures will be there top priority.

4 and 4 compatibility numerology::

The pairing between both the partners is securely solid. The pair shares their goals equally and works together for a successful and secure future.

4 and 5 compatibility:

The term ‘Challenge’ describes the pair well. 4 and 5 share distinct temperaments and communicate in different ways. 4 is usually always direct to point while 5 is diplomatic and indirect. 4 despise to witness changes in life while 5 welcomes changes with open arms. To attain success in relationship the couple requires respecting the difference between each other.

4 and 6 compatibility numerology::

This relationship is a comfortable match. This relationship has a traditional touch emphasizing on the fact that this relation shared promise from the very beginning. 6 generally take the lead in this relationship. The challenging factor in this relationship is compromise.

4 and 7 compatibility numerology::

This relationship has a serious touch and is driven by a mutual need for security and comfort. Though the duo lacks the fire of passion but they are loyal and devoted in their relationship. 4 acts as a provider of security while 7 provide a quest for continued adventure or escapade in life. The combination of both makes life secured and adventurous.

4 and 8 compatibility:

This pairing is comfortable as both parties understand the essence of hard work and have a good and manageable head for business. 4 is a cautious planner while 8 approaches his endeavors brilliantly. The only difficulty is that the pair requires finding time in quest for romantic bliss. Yet the pair is understanding and knows how to build or develop a secure relationship.

4 and 9 compatibility:

These two are very different individuals hence successful pairings are rare. 9 is social and encourages profound humanitarian instincts. 4 is generally focused in creating a secure and solid future. For this relationship to be successful, both the pair must understand each other’s approach towards different instincts and somehow must assemble or muster the ultimate willingness to accept.

5 and 5 compatibility:

Pair of 5s is generally compatible for each other. Both of them prize on freedom and adventures. In this pairing, partners can easily predict what the other is thinking. 5s together always choose to support one another.

5 and 6 compatibility:

This combination requires undergoing great compromise because 5 lives for freedom and space while 6 is well noted for exerting control and nurturing supervision. 6 demands complete commitment while 5 is on a look for new range of horizons. If both can figure a stabilized point then their relationship can turn out to be good.

5 and 7 compatibility:

This relationship is not dependent on rules and regulations. These two are alike and the relationship is generally compatible and agile. 7 values time and crave for private space so as to get involved in spiritual world while 5 is busy exploring his outer world. When two of them are together they end up creating a set up displaying never ending love and romance.

5 and 8 compatibility:

Both the individuals don’t rely on rules or procedure. 8 is the boss and rules situations while 5 seeks independence. 8 is focused regarding attaining success or triumph while 5 is least worried about money. To make this relationship a success careful planning and compromise is required.

5 and 9 compatibility:

Both of them are in constant state of transition or transmogrification. They generally find each other interesting and therefore compassion of 9 and progressiveness of 5 can blend well and make it a perfect relationship.

6 and 6 compatibility:

This combination contains great deal of romance. There first priority is home and family. 6 always have an idea what is best and suitable for their partner.

6 and 7 compatibility:

These are two different people having different ideas about relationship. 6 is family oriented while 7 is secretive and private in nature. Despite sexual attraction, they may face a challenged relationship. 6 is authoritative while 7 is nt to be closely managed.

6 and 8 compatibility:

This relationship is positive and compatible in nature. This pair contains humongous ideas in their mind. These grand ideas are brought to real life in great fashion. Shortcoming in this relation can occur when the possessive 6 has to compete with business minded 8.

6 and 9 compatibility:

This relationship is generally compatible as 9 is the one out of few numbers who is prone to gain 6’s utmost respect. 6 acts as managers while 9 is never less in heaping praise for their partner. 6 assist 9 in staying concentrated and focused while 9 helps 6 in broadening its outlook and sense to the world at large.

7 and 7 compatibility:

This pairing is compatible in nature. With the assistance of right attitude, this pair can figure out their respective interest for each other. The drawback is that the pair lacks the tendency to communicate and solve issues, so a genuine effort has to be regularly made to make the lines open.

7 and 8 compatibility:

This compatibility works physically well, but the relationship is plagued with several emotional problems. 8 has a frequent tendency to control or dominate while 7 is reserved and resist attempts that exerts authorities. The combination results in frequent verbal battles.

7 and 9 compatibility:

Terms like neutral and affiliation describes this pair well. They are neutral couple who go a long way depending on their spiritual beliefs. Both the individuals are spiritually inclined. Harmony of spiritual position can make the pair compatible for each other..

8 and 8 compatibility:

This pairing is known as the Dynamic Duo as this combination is filled with intense passion and love, This pairing is strong but there may be events when both the partners are distracted by events in life to accomplish a final goal.

8 and 9 compatibility:

This combination is profoundly challenging in nature in which both the highly motivated individuals are influenced in distinct ways. To strengthen the bond, 8 will have to appreciate its partner regarding his generosity and goodwill. Only if they are able to work together this challenging pair can turn out to be inspirational.

9 and 9 compatibility:

Compromise is required in this relation as both of them are intellectually stimulated. 9’s nature is selfless hence this relation is prone to witness challenges. Each of the duo makes some or the other plan to please each other. This relation offers opportunity to grow, learn and serve.



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