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Many people are convinced that number 13 is an unfortunate day. Number 13 is considered an unlucky number in most countries. Fear of number 13 has a recognized phobia named Triskaidekaphobia, a term coined in 1911. The sufferers of triskaidekaphobia try to neglect bad omen by being away from any stuff numbered or labeled as number 13. To avoid this number company and manufacturers use another technique of numbering or labeling. 13th Friday has been considered the most unfortunate day in the history of misfortunes. Here presenting 13 facts as why number 13 is considered unfortunate:

13 People at the same table

According to the Western culture, to dine with 13 people at the same table is considered unlucky. The Savoy Hotel in London, England refuses to take chances. On booking a table for 13 people, the hotel sets the table for 14 guests. The 14th guest is Kasper, a black cat who joins the guest for dinner. Three footed sculpture cat, Kasper resides at Savoy Hotel. Kasper is placed in the fourteenth chair. Naturally, Kasper is served all the courses of the meal. Kasper has resided in this hotel since 1920. Winston Churchill was quite fond of Kasper.

13 is the card of Death in Tarot

According to Tarot, death symbolizes getting rid of old and making room for new. It may also denote reversed effect revealing failure to move on with something better.

Apollo 13 is the only unsuccessful aircraft that intended to land on to Moon

Apollo 13 was launched on 11th April 1970. On 13th April an onboard explosion aborted the mission. Thankfully, the crew returned back safe despite danger and hardship. However, the association of the spacecraft with number 13 didn’t prove to be a good omen.

The Salem Witch Trial

Exactly 13 women were found guilty of witchcraft involving dangerous occult and were executed in Salem.

The women who were opted guilty for performing witchcraft

  • Bridget Bishop (June 10, 1692)
  • Rebecca Nurse (July 19, 1692)
  • Sarah Good (July 19, 1692)
  • Elizabeth Howe (July 19, 1692)
  • Sarah Wildes (July 19, 1692)
  • Susannah Martin (July 19, 1692)
  • Martha Carrier (August 19, 1692)
  • Martha Corey (September 22, 1692)
  • Mary Eastey (September 22, 1692)
  • Alice Parker (September 22, 1692)
  • Mary Parker (September 22, 1692)
  • Ann Pudeator (September 22, 1692)
  • Margaret (Stevenson) Scott (September 22, 1692)

The Winchester House

Sarah Winchester (1839-1922) was the owner of a huge mansion named The Winchester House in San Jose, California. During her lifetime the house was under constant construction. Sarah was the widow of William Winchester who was the owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company. Sarah became obsessed with souls and spirits that were killed by the Winchester rifles. Most people who resided there believed that the Winchester House was haunted. Currently, it is a tourist spot. On every Friday from the 13th people hear the ringing of a bell 13 times at 13 o’clock.  Throughout the house the number 13 is represented. 13 candles are held by the chandelier. Window panes are made of 13 colored stones. The sink has 13 holes. There are 13 bathrooms in the mansion. Hooks of the clothes are grouped in 13. All staircases have 13 steps. Sarah’s will had 13 sections. The involvement of number 13 is overly spread in the mansion.

12 Gods seated to a banquet

When the 13th uninvited God showed: According to Norse culture the 13th evil God Loki joined the 12 Gods who were seated to a banquet. Vindictive Loki was the odd one out in terms of both manner and behavior. The mismatch in the numbering system called out to a tragedy as Loki the evil God killed one of the other Gods which lead to Ragnarok- the death of a bunch of Gods.

Mass arrest of Knights Templar

There was a mass arrest and execution of Knights Templar on 13th October 1307 on a Friday on the order of King Philip IV of France.

13 letters is a sign of diabolical luck

An old superstition says if a person has 13 letters in their name, then they are bound to have devil’s luck. To get the connection, consider names like Charles Manson, Osama Bin Laden, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy, Saddam Hussein and Albert De Salvo.

The Thirteen Club

There was a group called The Thirteen Club in the late 1800s. The purpose of forming the group was to debunk the legend that 13 people seated at the same table bring bad omen. On the 13th of a month all the 13 members met and had dinner and to make matters worse, they spilled salt on the table which is considered an evil omen that brings miserable death according to European tradition. In addition, the members also fined 13 cents from the members who turned up late for dinner. Members of the club included 5 US presidents namely Benjamin Harrison, Grover Cleveland, William McKinle.y, Theodore Roosevelt and Chester A. Arthur. Now it is worth noting that two of the presidents who were a part of the thirteen club were brutally shot dead.

13th October 1972 considered a bad day

In the history of aviation October 13, 1972, is considered the worst day. On that day, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in The Andes killing about 29 people. Exactly on the same day, 174 people were killed in the crash of a Soviet Aeroflot.

Queen, the thirteenth Album

Queen, a British rock band released its 13th album Innuendo in the year 1991. This was the last album sung by the lead named Freddie Mercury. Later in the same year on 24th November 1991 Mercury died.

Impact on Millennium Tower Floor due to superstition related to number 13

According to superstitious reason floor, number 13 is omitted from the numbering system of Millennium Tower. 685 foot tall Millennium Tower- a 60 storied skyscraper is the tallest residential tower in Boston which has omitted floor number 13 as it is a connotation of bad luck and death.

Number 13 is made of two digits 1 and 3

Number 13 is neither a repetition like 22 nor is in familiar order like 12 where 1 is followed by 2. If you look closely at number 13, you will find it looks like capital B. B stands for Bad Luck! Bombs. And Botulism. Don’t you think it is jarring?

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