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When you are born on the dates like 5, 14 or 23, your birth number will be considered as 5 and your birth planet is Mercury i.e. a masculine one. Due to the presence of this planet, 5s always tend to enjoy a very good life. So, you are a born versatile person with mercurial talents. You are blessed with charm and natural beauty, which will make people attracted to you more.

As per Numerology, 5 is considered as the Number of Communication and this is the sole reason why people with number 5 are doing great in the field of communication.

Facebook and number 5:

For instance, the largest social media platform, ‘Facebook’ inventor, Mark Zuckerberg is a 14th born (14/5/1984) and his psychic number adds up to 5. Certainly, he is a genius and possesses a mastermind but his numbers have made the path smoother.

Email with number 5:

A simple email and all your information are sent to the authority. But do you know who invented this Electronic mail? Yes, right you are i.e. Va Shiva Ayyadurai. Just look at his name, it counts 41; 4+1 = 5.

Connection between the radio waves and number 5:

Radio waves were discovered by Heinrich Hertz and the entire name adds up to 5. Name number 5 is one of the best numbers in numerology and it worked too well with this great innovator.

Aircraft and number 5:

It is a common information that Wright Brothers created the Flying Machine, which we all know as Airplane. But do you know when was it applied or attempted for the first time? Let’s have a look into the details.

The very first time when Wright Brothers applied for patent of Flying Machine, it was 23rd March, 1903 and the successful attempt of flying the aircraft was made on 14th December, 1903. Another amazing fact was that the first Aircraft passenger, Charlie Furnace flew on 14th may 1908. Both of the dates 23 and 14 add up as 5.

Television related to number 5:

Can you imagine your life without a LED at home? It is the most important rather unavoidable part of communication. John Logie Baird, who originated this wonderful creation, was born on 14th August, 1888. So it’s again a 5 in field of communication.

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Internet born with number 5:

Yes, you read it right. Internet was born with number 5. Didn’t get my point? Well, let me explain. Bob Kahn and Vint Cerf, the two ageless inventors of Internet, were born on 23 that is considered as 5.

Bob Kahn was born on 23/12/1938 and Vint Cerf on 23/6/1943. So both the 23s rather 5s gave birth to Internet. That’s why I said ‘Internet Born with number 5’.

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Some positive qualities of a psychic 5:

Excellent communication skills: This is one of the greatest strengths of number 5. They make excellent sales people. Often seen it is difficult for them to keep quiet for long. They are able to impress people with their communication skills.

Talkative: Along with the excellent communication skill, psychic 5s are also good orators, which help them immensely in connecting people and expressing their thoughts.

Adventurous: Excitements, traveling and adventure – 5s almost live on these words; keep enjoying yourself, but avoid too risky ventures.

Flexibility: Change is the law of the Earth and you believe in the same as well. Jobs, relations, residence or any spiritual belief, you are always ready to adapt all the new things without a little complaint. This is undoubtedly the best quality of number 5.

Intellectual: Number 5 people are intellectual and are fast thinkers. They will often have answers to questions within seconds. But because of their fast thinking nature, their minds often change as well.

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Creative: Creativity is in their blood. And as they can think fast, they come up with wonderful ideas within seconds. They do wonderful in the field of creativity provided their destiny numbers are good.

Youthful Nature and Optimistic: They have a youthful nature and most of the times are optimistic in life. But at times they get depressed as well. Mercury is one of the fastest moving planet and it gets retrograde very often (starts moving anti clock). Due to this characteristic of Mercury, Number 5 people have extreme mood swings at times.

Versatile: They are versatile by nature and cannot do one thing for long. They would often want a variety in things. A perfect example would be Aamir Khan born on 14th. In his each movie he wants a new theme and his role is completely different unlike other actors.

Being a psychic 5, you have a strong intuition and highly alert mindset. But you lack tenacity and iron determination. Your agile mentality may keep you on the back foot always when there is a competition.

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