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The Indian economy may have suffered a blow following demonetization and GST however good days will be coming shortly, at least this is what the chart of India reveals. Considering the date of birth and time of birth of India as 15th August 1947 at 00.01 am, India was born with Taurus ascendant. Saturn, the lord of 9th and 10th is a very important planet for India and placement of Saturn in transit is important to consider for India’s overall growth and prosperity.

Presently, the placement of Saturn is not good as it has been transiting Scorpio since November 2014. Saturn will transit to Sagittarius in November 2017 and thereafter it will transit to Capricorn in February 2020. The best time for Indian economy will start from February 2020 and between 2020 to 2025 there will be a boom for India and all the countries will be eyeing India after this boom phase.

India will be in constant trouble due to its neighbours as India’s ascendant is a little weak. Ascendant lord Venus is occupied in the 3rd house of Cancer with Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Moon. Also the presence of Rahu in the ascendant is not desirable. This will keep India in constant trouble because of its neighbouring countries China and Pakistan.

There is no doubt that PM Narendra Modiji will be the Prime Minister of India till 2024. His chart is very strong till 2021, however thereafter Mars mahadasha will start which will ruin his plans. Although he will server as Indian Prime Minister but people will start seeing him as a dictator. This is due to the presence of strong Mars in his ascendant. From 2021 onwards he will be under the influence of planet Mars which is not as positive as the present time for him. This does not mean that BJP may lose its power.

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