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If you follow astrology, then I am damn sure that you have spent a good amount of time reading only the positive traits of your sign. Now it is time for you to analyze the panicky side of your zodiac which is your zodiac fear.

Aries: Fear Of Losing Dear Ones

The only fear that Aries carries in his heart is the fear of losing a dear friend. Aries are born warriors. They partake in combat not because they want to win but because they crave to win. They relish good battle and if they see no fights approaching then they might antagonize their loved ones without realizing. When the actions of Aries backfire then their loved ones reciprocate not by fighting but by simply disappearing out of blue. Aries can never forget or forgive himself for his mistakes. Aries generally undergo a state of wrongness- an instant declining emotional feeling that makes their skin crawl. Unfortunately, this gushy feeling makes them spurring in nature as they enter into more fights just to drain the energy out of their body. It is a vicious circle. It goes on and on.

Taurus: Fear Of Financial Instability

Taurus loves to be comfortable. They relish simple things that console them like good friends, a nice shag rug, a fireplace and anything comforting that contributes to a pleasant warm atmosphere. Taurus prefers to be surrounded by amenities. The conveniences that they crave for require being supported by financial stability. If they find their bank balance dwindling, the first thing that worries them to extremes is the changes that they will have to face in their lifestyle.

They don’t earn money to save or just to earn, they earn money to squander and spend.

Gemini: Fear Of Decision-making

Geminis, oftentimes change their decisions, choices, and promises because they lack self-confidence and self-reliability. They turn out to be agile manipulators because of this trait. They change their plan so often that they may forget what they originally promised. Geminis have two different sides to their idiosyncrasy that are in constant conflict to make a proper decision. The moment they feel satisfied with their decision, their other side peeks out to change their decision.

Cancer: Fear Of Leaving Home

Cancer suffers from agoraphobia- an anxiety related disorder that makes them afraid and panicky in anonymous places. They prefer being in the safe zone, a place where no one can hurt them. They might feel safe and secure in their zone but the isolation created isn’t good for their mind. They require being socially adept and must explore places so as to get physically or emotionally attached. By this way, they might learn that personal freedom is more to do with internal peace than external.

Leo: Fear Of Being Avoided

The only one thing that Leos can’t stand is getting unnoticed in a room. Hence, they almost try and make it impossible for people to avoid them, either through their amazing wardrobe, their body language or their expression. Mostly they use all three to get noticed by people around.

Virgo: Fear Of Imperfection

Beware if you visit a Virgo’s place; remember not to commit any of the mistakes listed below:

  • Do not spill wine on the carpet.
  • Do not even by mistake throw tissues or any clutter on their ground
  • Wiping your greasy hands on their dishes is definitely not a wise option.

If you do any of the above three things at their home, be ready as they’d file assault charges on you. The slightest bit of disorganization both in their personal life or physical world can trigger a wild feeling of despair within Virgos.

Libra: Fear Of Being Lonely

Libras are exceptionally romantic. It is difficult to imagine them spending their lives alone. Libras are either monogamist or perpetually aloof and depressed.

Scorpio: Fear Of Intimacy

Scorpios are dark, intense and complicated. Scorpios are the most sensitive sign that is scared to express their feelings and get intimate. Abandonment and engulfment are the two main prospects that create the fear of getting intimate. They are scared of both losing their loved ones or their individuality by getting engaged in a relationship. They draw partners towards themselves to eventually push them away either by getting in an extramarital relationship or by getting emotionally withdrawn.

Sagittarius: Fear Of Enclosed Spaces

Sagittarius are explorers, wanderers or adventurers. They relish traveling the world in search of truth. They are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion. Perhaps, it is the influence of Jupiter that makes them claustrophobic; they are intensely scared of confined spaces or responsibilities that confine them. Hindrance to their freedom is the only thing that scares them to the core.

Capricorn: Fear Of Failure

Capricorns are the business oriented class. Their inner desire to climb the ladder to success is an embedded fear to face failure. This fear sets their pace slow and steady in whatever they do.

Aquarius: Fear Of Institutionalization

Aquarius spent their lives neglecting intellectual enclosure. They are claustrophobic to institutions like corporate work, school, hospitals or marriage. For them, these institutions are kind of intellectual imprisonment and they even despise the idea of indulging in the group mind.

Pisces: Fear Of Responsibility

Pisces reside in a world of fantasy. They just don’t want to grow up and take up responsibilities. They are full of wit without an ounce of real maturity level. Pisces are bestowed with the gift of never ending creativity and with that they have their incapacity to deal with their day to day work. This is the main reason why mostly Pisces turn into addicts.

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