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If you are a curious Astro-lover, you would love to know about which zodiac sign can be your best and idle friend and the reasons behind it.


The freedom lovers! Aries people love to be social. They are the ones who think disparately. They are emotional, spontaneous and creative in their approach. They are quite ambitious and work hard for it. But their ambitions make them impatient more often. Aries are buoyant in nature and seek variety in friendship. But they make friends easily and are known for their loyalty too. Leos and Sagittarians make the best compatible friends with them. When these three different yet similar signs get blended become the most mutinous friends for forever. However, Aquarius and Gemini can be their idle friends to be surrounded with.


Taurus, the stubborn bulls! They become very arduous sometimes yet known for their strength and iron-willed temperament. Sometimes, their single willed behaviour creates issues while dealing with people. They have great organizing skills. They are most reliable and trustworthy friends and can. They are best supported by sensitive Virgo and logical Libra. Librans give a fresh and new way of looking at things which help Taurus people to stay calm. Virgos keep them in form and provide best advices. Cancer and Capricorn can be ideal friends for Taurus due to their sensitive and emotional behaviours.



The twins, social bugs! Love to flirt and make new and numerous friends. They are very supportive by nature which makes them popular and loved among their friend circle. They are full of humour and relieve their friends’ stress. Librans and Aquarians can cope up with the curious Gemini. They understand Gemini people well. When together they try new thrilling things and go for adventures. To get going with Gemini, one has to be spontaneous and able to give a little space too. As Aquarius and Gemini, both are moody, intelligent and easygoing their friendship compatibility becomes very strong and flexible. Aries and Leo can be idle for them too.


Emotional crabs! They are homebodies full of sensitivity, emotions, sympathetic nature and are very caring in their approach. Well, friends of Cancerians would be very lucky to have them. They seek less attention. Their supportive nature helps them to make friends easily. They love to solve their friends’ problems and are the best loyal friends until they are betrayed. Virgo friends understand Cancerians very well and their friendship compatibility is great. They understand each other very well. Scorpions are loyal to Cancerians too. These three together make super sensitive trio understanding each other crystal clear. Taurus and Pisces make ideal friends too with Cancerians.


The dynamic and aggressive lions! They are full of fun and humour, love to be socialites with utopian nature. Making friendship with Leo is not very easy because of their aggressive temperament. They love to be in the spotlight and surrounded by friends. Leos love adventures like Sagittarians and Aries. They can’t stay alone like Leos. This trio together make lots of thrilling experiences and go for adventures lead by Leo of course. Moreover, Aries and Sagittarius never mind to lead by Leo because they remain busy enjoying each others’ company. Capricorn and Libra can also be the ideal friends of Leo.



The charming angels are known for their perfectionism, charm and intelligence. Love to be surrounded by people and never mind to give advices. Their strategic and reserved quality makes them great thinkers. They make friends easily despite of their shy nature. They are the trustworthy personalities and stay loyal in friendship. They take no time to befriend their buddies who have show off nature yet stand for them at the most tough times too. Cancer and Capricorn easily cope up with them. Emotional Cancerians understand Virgos very deeply and Capricorns help them to stay balanced between logic and emotions. Virgos enjoy both company and have lots of fun with Cancer as well as Capricorn. Taurus and Aries are ideal for Virgos friendship too.


The perfect scale! They are balanced between aggression and idealistic nature. They are bold and have great leadership quality. They are socialites love to make loads of friends. They are the great advisors and counsellors. Like their zodiac representation they weight equality the pros and cons of everything in their life. They love to be around friends and love to party with them. They get easily prominent in the middle of a crowd. Leo and Gemini are the best friends for Libra as Leos and Libras are dynamic and aggressive and Gemini love being social like Libra. They make great fun with each others’ company. Taurus and Aquarius are also ideal friends for Libra.


The strategic scorpion! Secretive, insightful and critical are their most prominent qualities. They have great organizing quality, known for their guidance power and wisdom. They make very few friends but close and worthy friends. They can be critical like their painful sting if insulted, offended and hurt. But their friendship is very loyal for long term and can be for lifetime. Pisces and Cancer make great blend for them when it comes to friendship because they are the sensitive and emotional ones who can never hurt anyone. Their caring and loving qualities become soothing for the Scorpions. Aquarius and Virgo can be their ideal friends too.



The Archers with perfect target! Logical, accurate, dynamic and bold by nature. They are super communicators and make great friends. They are very broad mind and love to travel and well as experiencing adventures. They make friends very fast from all around the globe. They have supportive, cooperative and charming behaviour towards their friends. They love to have fun and are strong minded personalities. Pisces and Leo make best friends with Sagittarius due their emotional and daring qualities. Pisces being emotional and sensitive makes Sagittarians to share everything with them. Leos are the perfect adventure partners of Sagittarians. Aquarius and Libra can be ideal friends for Sagittarians too.


The intellectual goats! Love to think too much and known for their leadership quality. They are highly thoughtful and love to pay every issue a big analysis. They are loyal, caring, genuine and best for long term friendships. They are loved by their friends for their sharing knowledge and advice giving habits. Virgo and Taurus become the best friends for Capricorns as Virgos are their best thinking partners and Taurus keep them balanced providing them the energy refill. Capricorns never easily trust anyone while making friendship but once they trust someone they become good friends, mostly happen with Virgos and Taurus. Scorpio and Pisces make ideal friends for Capricorns too.



The strong water bearers! Cool with their approaches yet can be aggressive and dynamic sometimes. They love to stay organized. They find it little tough to make close friendships yet believe in mass friendship. They love their freedom and stay comfortable with those who respect their freedom too. But, when they think of companionship on intellectual base, they believe in long term friendship. Libra and Gemini make best friends with Aquarians as Librans are highly intellectual who make Aquarians feel comfortable and Gemini with their humour keep Aquarians busy in laughing and enjoying the fun time. Aries and Sagittarians are also ideal friends for them.


Sensitive fish duet! Very emotional, caring, conscious by nature. They never ever think to hurt anyone. They become compassionate friends. They are known for their secretive quality and are good communicators. They become very sympathetic and offer help to unlucky and needy people those who are suffering from bad and tough times. They are very good listeners and attentive researchers. Their sensitivity is not their weakness. They can be the most trusted and caring friends at tough times. Scorpions and Cancers are their best friends because Scorpions protect them and Cancers make them feel at home as both are emotional creatures. Sagittarians and Capricorns can also be their ideal friends.


Everyone needs friends and companions and the most important requisites are the similar interests and likes. Friends who can support at tough times make best friends forever. And it’s wise to have a brief idea of some zodiac signs’ friendship compatibility with yours.

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