Marriage line
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There are a plenty of signs in palmistry that denotes love marriage, happily married or unmarried life, separation, divorce, and breakup. Very few signs in palmistry symbolize sexual harassment, extramarital affairs, forced marriage, arrange marriage, caste marriage and inter-caste marriage through marriage line.

The idea regarding love marriage can be drawn by analyzing fate line, headline, marriage line and heart line. If the location of the sign is verifiably good then there will be no problem in love marriage but if the sign is not good then problems may arise in love marriage.

  • If Marriage line combines with heart line then there are high chances that the person might witness love marriage but there will always be a danger to partner’s life which might lead to a breakup.
  • If the parallel marriage line just above the marriage line combines with heart line then it clearly indicates breakup of the first affair.
  • If your fate line is located at a good place while the influence line from a mount of the moon comes and joins the fate line then it symbolizes love marriage. After joining the point if fate line is broken or weak or cuts through due to the influence of another line then it indicates the possibility of love marriage or breaks up or deception in love affairs.
  • If there is a fork sign at the end of marriage line then it reveals chances of break up. If the fork line is not big enough then it indicates break up for a short while. The reason for the break up can be differences of opinion or extramarital affairs.
  • If there is a fork line in the beginning of marriage line then it is a sign of tremendous marital issues.
  • If the marriage line is forked where one branch of fork meets the heart line then it symbolizes extramarital affairs in blood relation.
  • If the fork on marriage line where one branch of the fork passes through the heart line and after that crosses through headline then it may make the person lose mental balance due to failure or disappointment in love or marriage life. If this particular line cuts through fate line and life line then it indicates death or suicide.
  • If the line that is raised from the heart line appears in the middle of the fork then it indicates that the person could have a third person in life that may become the reason for his or her death.
  • If the headline branch reaches the middle fork then this indicates tension in married life due to dissimilarity in opinion.
  • If the line of fate is cut by the influence line coming from Mount of Venus then it might result in divorce or death of a partner. If influence line arising from Mount of Moon cuts through Fate Line then it might result in divorce or breakup.
  • If there exist any break in fate line on Mount of Rahu or any other Fate Line passes towards Mount of Jupiter then this indicates divorce.
  • If fate line cuts through due to influence lines coming from the mount of Negative Mars then it might lead to enmity which might cause a problem in love or relationship matters.
  • If a branch of heart line goes to the Mount of Jupiter then it symbolizes love marriage but if this branch is cut short by a vertical line then it indicates breakup.
  • If marriage line unites with a girdle of Venus then it may lead to an unhappy married life.
  • If there is a parallel line in a close line up with love line then it may stimulate towards a relationship that might have existed before marriage.
  • The existence of small vertical parallel line in the close line up with fate line in quadrangle symbolizes the beginning of a new relationship.
  • If a tiny semi-circle line arising from little finger on Mount of Mercury shows up then it indicates the marriage of a person in old age.
  • If the branch of heart line moves towards the Mount of Saturn then it symbolizes extramarital affairs.
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