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Can you find something common in the below names?


Rolls Royce





Louis Vuitton



There are 2 things in common. Firstly, all the names have a very prominent “O” and the other is that they have impacted the world in a very big way.

A name is very important for making an impact in your business. Apart from being powerful as a name, the name should also be in harmony with the date of birth of the founder of the company. Also the date of start of a business is very important.

Below is a good example. Date of birth of Larry Page is 26.3.1973 and that of Sergey Brin is 21.8.1973. When we total both the dates, we get the same result.

2+6+3+1+9+7+3 = 31 = 4

2+1+8+1+9+7+3 = 31 = 4

Now when we total the date of incorporation of Google Inc, we get something interesting:


4+9+1+9+9+8 = 40 = 4

Is it a co-incidence that all the dates are 4? Well for the founders of Google it was co-incidence but Google was destined to be big because of which they got lucky a date as the incorporation date. On top of that Google comes to an excellent Name Number of 28 which totals 1 and is in harmony with Number 4.

Similarly we have many such examples. There are certain alphabets and numbers which are more powerful than the others like “S”, “A” and “R”. Names starting with these are luckier than others. In India, we will find 90% of the celebrities with names starting with these alphabets.

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Numbers 4 and 8 are extreme numbers and they either take you to extreme heights or they never let you take off.

A check on the name and incorporation date just before starting a new venture can help you eliminate negativity.

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Written By Mr.Izo

The motto of Mr. iZO is to give life to the numbers and since past ten years he has been spreading the power of numbers among the mass.

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