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Numerology is often believed to be associated with astrology, paranormal and different divinatory arts.  It is a blissful, mystical relation between one or more concurring incidents and a life path number. This number is concluded with the help of your birth date and represents your personality at a specific time. It signifies the traits of an individual explicitly, which is likely to be predominant on an individual in the present time and throughout his lifetime.

The best time to make critical decisions of your life can also be determined by Numerology. Since a few decades, it has also been used to determine the precise time for marriage, investment, switching of jobs or changing one’s location. When it comes to such critical decisions of life like marriage, it is recommended to be extra-cautious as the worst numerology match can destroy your life.

Abstain from the worst numerology match for marriage

The most important number to be considered in case of romantic relationships is the Life Path number.

Life Path number 1:

  • If your Life Path number happens to be 1 and you want to connect with a person with the same number then you may have a passionate but short-lived relationship, as two bossy and opinionated persons are not compatible enough to sustain a relationship.
  • The sensitive, gentle and diplomatic natured 2 can come up with 1 quite well in a business relationship but when it involves a marital relationship it is not recommended.
  • An individual with Life Path number 7 is contemplative, spiritual and introspective who can be an enlightening tutor and a great friend to 1, but not a marital partner.
  • A person with number 8 is considered to be entrepreneurial and authoritative nature which is a perfect mismatch for 1 and hence only a competitive relationship and not a romantic relationship can thrive.

Life Path number 2:

  • The combination of individuals of number 1 and 2 can get along well only if the roles are properly understood by each other which is not common between them.
  • Number 4 can be a good combination for 2 in a marital relationship but soon the dependable 4 can bore the relation to death, and so is the case with introverts and reserve 7.
  • A more feminine and vulnerable 2 can be wrecked on in a havoc manner by the irresponsible and indulgent 5.

Life Path number 3:

  • Despite all the good qualities of 4 which include practicality, trustworthiness and solid nature, the individual should be avoided for a nuptial bond because when together, they seem to draw the worst out of each other.
  • The physically impressive and authoritative 8 might appear to be attractive to number 3 but he or she may plunge you down the wall with relentless criticism in the long run.
  • Even though the 6 is considered to be the most harmonious of all the members, the relation with number 3 may not thrive well in the case of marriage.
  • It is the undisciplined and flaky nature of 3 that makes an individual the most incompatible partner amongst all.

Life Path number 4:

  • The worldly and often remote 9 should be avoided by 4 because the nature of both do not sync with each other and appear diametrically opposite.
  • The unpredictable and playful 3, as well as the restless and vibrant 5, should be avoided by the grounded and disciplined 4 to avoid conjugal problems.

Life Path number 5:

  • If your life path number is 5 then you can expect to have a wide range of choice for potential partners but the only number incompatible with you is 4.
  • A short-term relationship can be expected from the combination 4 and 5 because the predictable and steady 4 often tend to bore the undisciplined and self-indulgent 5 which put the relationship on the rocks.

Life Path number 6:

  • It is always a power struggle between number 6 and 1 because when the former is constantly in the need of someone to take care of the latter has more affinity towards independent and unrestricted life.
  • A conjugal relationship with the loving, caring and harmonious 6 can be quite challenging with the self-motivated and relentless 5, though the latter is a loyal and devoted partner.
  • The most undesirable partner for 6 would be the scattered and undisciplined 3.

Life Path number 7:

  • You are least likely to get married or continue to be in the relationship if you are number 7, as your high expectations and lofty behavior is most likely unreachable for any partner.
  • Apart from number 3 and 5, all the others seem to be imperfect for number 7 as they tend to seek a partner who would challenge their intellect.
  • Challenging could be the marital relationship between 7 and 6. While the former is quite much rational and judge every situation with rationale the latter focus more on sentiments and emotions.

Life Path number 8:

  • Being a guiding and controlling partner, you are most likely to be fought to every inch if you choose more aggressive and independent number 1.
  • The artistic and creative yet flaky and irresponsible 3 is not a perfect choice for you neither is freedom-loving and relentless 5.
  • While 8 have a tendency to exert authority, number 7 is more of a private person, prone to resist the attempt hence resulting in the frequent verbal battles.

Life Path number 9:

  • An individual with Life Path number 9 is probably the most challenging of all numbers in case of the romantic and conjugal relationships.
  • The intellectually offbeat 7 and erratic 5 is mostly recommended to avoid as their nature may clash with your aristocratic streak and sense of separation.
  • Both 8 and 9 are highly motivated individuals and find it difficult to accept the ways of each other, therefore, a challenging combination too.


A successful nuptial relationship depends upon many factors which include love, care, trustworthiness, etc. The incompatible nature of two individual can spoil the charm of the bond. Therefore, it is highly recommended to know your partner to the depth of their soul before tying a bond.

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