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Astrology is the science of presaging information about human affairs and telluric events along with their correlation with the movement of celestial bodies. The concept proceeds far beyond the zodiac column being published in the periodicals and newspapers. There are many aspects of this cosmic subject but in this document, it is the Significance of Ascendant in your birth chart that we will focus on.

But many of us are unaware of the concept of Ascendant. Let us discuss the concept first. Ascendant, also known as the “rising sign” is the celestial body that was prevalent on the Eastern horizon of your birth chart during your birth. The rising sign changes at every two hours intervals, with the entire representation of the zodiac in 24 hours.

This, however, means that you might have taken birth within this two hours interval. It is said that you will embody the rising sign prevalent at the moment of your birth not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually. The rising sign, along with the other vital spheres of life, provides imperative clues about the personality, appearance, mind, health, and way of thinking of an individual.

Significance of ascendant in Horoscope

The rising sign in the horoscope, changes after every two hours due to rotation of the earth, thereby completing the entire 12 houses a day. The Ascendant is specified by a particular time and space. It also signifies the milieu and conditioning that an individual receives during his nurturing and the situations he has to undergo in the childhood.

It is quite justified by the science of Astrology, that this is the reason behind the way of a person to present themselves to the world in public or impersonal situations. In accordance with an astrologer’s word, in certain circumstances, it acts as a shield or covering to a person’s real nature. Specifically, it acts as a person’s defense mechanism in the most unfavorable or adverse situations.

An astrologer emphasizes that an individual’s physical appearance and general health is largely determined by the rising sign. The strength or weakness in a horoscope is influenced by a couple of factors.

In the first place, it is believed to be stronger when the beginning of the sign falls closer to the rising sign. This is the reason for most of the first house falling into it. Most of the first house is likely to fall to the next if the Ascendant tends to fall late in it, and thus its power will be weakened.

When the Sun is found to be in the weak position in the birth chart the Ascendant is believed to be stronger in influence. This probably happens because when the person was born the sun might have been on the other side of the earth and was hidden from the view. Subsequently, if the sun is not able to connect to the other nine planets then it is believed to be influenced in a weaker way as well.

It has been theorized that a person is in the offing to be more like his zodiac in the late 20’s when they have grown more confident and have less need to put up a public face. The influence of the natal ascendant is weakened when the progressed ascendant headed to the following sign.

The significance of the rising sign varies in accordance with the one, in which it prevails. There are approximately four rising signs that dominate the 12 zodiacs.

Ascendant of Earth:

  • Practicality and security are noted for the earth sign of Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo.
  • The nature of a person is observed to be serious, shy and cautious when the ascendant bears the earth sign.
  • Among the other three zodiacs, the Taurus risers have more affinity towards art and music as compared to the other three risers.
  • Pleasant and tactful signals are transmitted by the risers of this ascendant, exhibiting their interest in socializing and forming a community than pushing themselves to the front.

Ascendant of fire:

  • Optimism, enthusiasm, and energy are profound in the fire sign of Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. People are good communicators and are able to hold excellent public relations if their fire sign is on the ascendant.
  • These people send professional yet friendly signals which fetch them a rather respectable response from others.
  • People are generally organized and disciplined if they are Aries rising, which draws them to professions like civil service and military organizations. Leo risers also exhibit somewhat similar kind of character which is dignified, formal and instill confidence in others. As for Sagittarius, they are rather cheerful, witty and pleasant.

Ascendant of water:

  • Noted for their intuition feeling and emotion, are the water sign of Scorpio, Pisces, and Capricorn.
  • The water sign being prevalent on the subject compels them to hide their true feelings and direly need protection against the surrounding world.
  • Their character is often quite deceptive as what you envisage is not what you receive from them.
  • In the situation where tactfulness is mandatory, the Cancerians can be quite chatty and helpful. Offensiveness and off-putting manner is often the most favorite of Scorpio. A Scorpio riser can use various forms of camouflage to people they are not habituated with. A Piscean, who appears to be a gentle and soft-natured person, will fight intensely for what they perceive to be correct.

Ascendant of air:

  • Communication skill is the most notifying factor for the air sign of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.
  • Friendly and sociable yet independent and detached are those who have air sign on the ascendant.
  • The risers of this ascendant remain constantly busy with a dozen of activities in a go.


Many astrologers believe that the influence of the rising sign is more powerful than any other factor in the birth chart. Undoubtedly, the rising sign is the most defining an individual element of a horoscope. Hence, Ascendant is believed to be of great importance in all the institutions of Astrology, as it functions like a sieve through which everything

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