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Medicines and astrology are precisely not comfy mates. However, a research done on Medical Astrology and finally published in a journal named Medicina Clinical reveals that your birth month certainly predicts the health issues you are going to have in the future.

Medical astrology is a part of Astrology which uses the horoscope for recognizing the powerless parts of the body which may be prone to ailments and also possible treatment choices. In case you think it’s difficult to choose a good astrologer, it’s even more difficult to find a medical astrologer.

It has been speculated by the Spanish scientists that horoscopes plays a prime role in our health and fitness and connected them to the possibilities of being affected by almost 27 severe issues. As per them, viruses and Vitamin-D levels, seasonal changes in UV rays – extremely common in the winter – could impact the growth of a fetus.

According to the study, men whose birth month is September are nearly three times more susceptible to suffering from thyroid issues than whose birth month is January. The men who are born in August have nearly double the risk of suffering from Asthma in comparison with those who are born at the starting of a year.

Likewise, women whose birth month is July are almost three times more susceptible for being diagnosed with high BP and stand nearly 40% of the maximized risk of recklessness. The research also showcased that men whose birth month is October are prone to migraines, osteoporosis, and thyroid complaints whereas anemia, osteoporosis, and high cholesterol are commonly seen in women.

In accordance with Jose Antonio Quesada, the Professor of the University of Alicante, they have found a prime connection between the health ailments or long-term health issues and the birth month in this research thus proving the existence of Medical Astrology.

The birth month basically gives a sign of periods of early disclosure to different factors like exposure to temperature, UV rays, Vitamin-D, seasonal exposure to allergies and viruses which are responsible for affecting the growth of the neonate and uterus in the first months of the lives.

Prof. Jose also added that the pattern variations by gender found that there may be various kinds of vulnerabilities in both men and women to these factors of early exposure. Vice versa, the research also found that some months of birth have a major advantageous impact on human’s health. Men whose birth month is June are a third less prone to suffering from anxiety and a fifth less susceptible for being diagnosed with lower back pain.

Women, whose birth month is June, have a 35% lesser possibilities of facing menopause issues and a 33% lower risks of getting migraines. In a nutshell, people whose birth month is September seemed to have the least possibility of suffering from a severe health issue. Both men and women are 33% less prone to suffer from any chronic disease.

The researchers evidenced that seasonal ailments and Vitamin-D from sun rays could either improve or affect the internal immunities of the body at a primary age. In the meantime, a study by the Office for National Statistics also evidenced that the birth month is also connected with your length of life, intelligence, and career.

However, it is quite strange to think that human’s health actually could be written in the stars. Wondering by what your month of birth may be connected with? Here take a look at how the predominance of various health illnesses is linked to a birth month:


Every year, both men and women die due to the heart disease. According to the study, humans who born in a year’s first third, are more susceptible to heart diseases, with almost 9 kinds of heart problems connected with their birth month. People, whose birthdays are in January, have a higher possibility to suffer from high blood pressure or Hypertension.


This is the month of lower risks of suffering from any disease. In accordance with the research, in case your birthday is in the month of February, you are connected with overall lower risks of diseases.


No man looks forward to the annual prostate test; however, men whose birthdays are in March must be highly alert for getting this appointment on their calendar. According to the study, men whose birth month is March have a higher chance of being diagnosed with congestive heart failure, atrial fibrillation, and prostate cancer.


The birthdays in the month of April are linked to a higher chance of occurrence of chest pain or angina which results in a cardiac issue when the heart does not get sufficient oxygen-rich blood. Instead of a disease, you can call angina a symptom, and it generally indicates to cardiac disease.


The May babies are also quite risk-free like the February babies. The humans whose birth month is May are basically winners biologically as they don’t have a higher relative of a severe ailment. In fact, they are less susceptible to the risk of acute upper respiratory infections.


People whose birthdays are in June, Preinfarction syndrome is more predominant in them. This issue is evidenced as unstable angina or chest pain which sometimes leads to a heart attack as well.

July & August

People whose birthdays are in July and August are biological winners as they don’t have any decreased or increased health risk.


In case you are susceptible to wheezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes which are basically linked to allergies, you can definitely blame your date of birth.


While May babies are biologically winners, October babies are the failures. People, whose birth month is October, have the possibility to suffer from numerous health ailments.


People with the birthdays in November possess the higher risk of respiratory issues and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). ADHD is basically a mental disorder linked to the poor self-control, difficulty concentration, and hyperactivity.


Both bruises and bumps are connected with our life; however, the study evidence that people whose birth month is December are more susceptible to the serious type of bruising that can cause chronic health ailments.

Medical Astrology can help take precautions at the right time.

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