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Everybody wants to become popular and accomplished in their life. Undoubtedly the Fame line which is also termed as Apollo Line, Sun Line or Line of Success is the most significant line in Palmistry and definitely, every person wants to gather more info about it.

The Sun (Apollo) Line in Palmistry

As this line begins its journey from the Mount of Moon which is located on the palm’s base, one the little finger’s side and then descends upwards to the Mount of Sun which is located below your ring finger or Apollo finger, it is named as Apollo Line.

Sun Line says about SUCCESS

Thereby, it’s a fact that the people who are bestowed with a long Sun (Apollo) Line are more successful in their life. They gain more fame, success, and talent than the ones who have a shorter Sun Line or those who don’t have the Sun Line, although it cannot be said directly.

The relation between Fame Line & Fate Line

Well, these two lines function like sisters and always keep their importance. In case, you are having a powerful Fate line but a weaker Sun line, you can’t get success or fame easily, no matter how much effort you give. Nevertheless, if your Fate line is moderate and the Sun line is very strong, you are fortunate enough to gain huge success.

Variations in Sun Line

  • Too short or absent – The absence or shortness of a Sun line signifies that the person is leading an ordinary and simple life. Hence, fame or success is not a part of his/her life. If there is no Sun Line, it will be hard for acquiring success despite many efforts. Nevertheless, a short Sun Line signifies that you will get success till the final period of your life. Basically, professional people have these Sun Line variations.
  • Narrow or clear – People bestowed with this type of line follow art and literature. Narrow line signifies a complicated married life.

Positions of Sun Line in Palmistry decode fame, wealth and success

Now let us find the basic combinations of Sun Line that are found in most of the bearers’ hands:

  • Highly carved Sun Line – In case the line is highly carved in someone’s palm without a horizontal line crossing this line, it signifies that the efforts given by that person will bring lots of popularity and money in his/her life. His/her career will be successful.
  • Intense Sun Line – In case a person’s Sun line is thick on the Sun mount, it signifies that he/she prefers showing off and wants to be the centre of attraction always. He tries to attract people’s attention even if he/she is not talented.
  • Sun line’s branches – If a Sun line’s branch goes to the Saturn mount and the another one goes to the Mercury mount, it signifies that the bearer is possessing great business and communication skills from the Mercury mount and hard effort and wisdom from the Saturn mount for accomplishing popularity and wealth in his/her life.

It’s an amazing combination to get as it helps the bearer get an anchored and balanced life while achieving the success as well.

  • Dhwaja or Flag on the Sun (Apollo) Line – In case you find a flag or a triangle on the Sun Line, it signifies that the person is going to be popular worldwide, alongside getting immense success in his/her career. Never make a triangle from the downward and upward branches found on your Sun Line as it should be properly marked.
  • Two Sun Lines – In case there is a line parallel to the Sun Line on the Sun Mount, it signifies that the bearer has two different interests in his/her life. This parallel line is also termed as the line of reputation or Sister Line which often safeguards the main Sun Line as well.

Nevertheless, in case there are so many Sun Lines found on the Sun Mount, it will signify that the bearer’s energy is divided into so many fields of interests and he/she will not be capable of making a great achievement in any of those fields.

  • Curved Sun Line – In case a curvy Sun Line is discovered on someone’s hand, it will signify even though the bearer can accomplish fame, he/she will not be capable of due to continuous hurdles in their life that will gradually lower the person’s self-esteem or confidence level.
  • Discontinuity on the Sun Line – In case there is a discontinuity found on the Sun Line, it will signify that amid that specific time span, the bearer should have lost his/her fame and name because of continuous depression and complication in his/her life. Nevertheless, if the line seems again, it will signify that he/she conquered all the hurdles and accomplished his/her name and fame again.
  • Sun Line starts from the Fate Line – In case, the Sun Line begins from a person’s Fate Line and is long to the end on his/her Sun Mount, it will signify the great accomplished in the career of the bearer because of his/her full hard work and great efforts.
  • Trident at the end of the Sun Line – In case there is a trident found on the Sun Line, it’s a clear and direct sign of a popular and celeb status in the bearer’s life. This is basically one of the most potent indications which can be discovered on the bearer’s hand.
  • An island appears on the Sun Line – In case there is an island seems on the Sun Line, it’s a clear-cut indication that the person is going to bear a huge loss of money and reputation in his/her life. And it will be really difficult to achieve all the fame and name again in his/her life.

Final verdict

It is now evident that the presence of the Sun Line or Apollo Line makes a person wealthy, reputable, and successful. And the absence plays the vice versa role. If you know some more combinations of the Sun Line which can be found on the bearers’ hands, don’t forget to share with us.

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