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Priya Varrier, the overnight sensation, was born on 12th September 1999 (according to Google). This date of birth looks real as her Moon chart indicates excellent time for her right now, in fact the whole year. Priya Varrier’s astrology reveals that she has a great future in the coming year.

Below is her Moon chart. In her Moon chart Rahu is in the 11th house in Cancer. 11th house is an excellent position for Rahu and can give excellent success.

Astrology Priya Varrier


Dhoni also has Rahu in 11th house in Cancer and when his Rahu Mahadasa started in 2002, within 4 years he entered the Indian Team and became the captain as well. Rahu is famous to give success overnight.

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The reason Priya shot to fame suddenly now is because of the position of Rahu in the transit chart. As below, in the transit chart also Rahu is in the 11th house right now. Rahu will remain here for the next 1 year and this period will be excellent for her.

Priya Varrier Numerology


Considering her Moon Sign Virgo, she has entered Rahu mahadasa right now. This whole period will be excellent for her and she will be an excellent actress in the coming years, can also enter Bollywood soon.

Her date of birth is 12th September 1999 which totals 4 and is also a number of Rahu (1+2+9+1+9+9+9=40=4). She is in her 19th year right now and her period till 12th September 2018 will be excellent and she will remain in the limelight. Priya Varrier totals 32 which is an excellent number as well and the same as that of Virat Kohli.

Other celebrities who are under Rahu mahadasa right now and all shot to fame very fast are as below:

Virat Kohli

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Jeff Bezos

Larry Page

Donald Trump

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