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The metoo movement has brought Diwali in Bollywood a month earlier. On my Facebook post on 6th October I predicted that the metoo movement will create a turmoil in the coming days.

Astrologically, planets Mars and Venus are responsible for love and sex. Mars is energy, aggression, sex and Venus is romance, scandal, love and manipulation.

Earlier the metoo movement created quite a stir in the west when Mars was exalted and retrograde. Now, the moment Venus turned retrograde on 6th October 2018, all of it started with Tanushree Dutta’s interview going viral.

Now the question is what next?

Venus will get straight again on 15th November which is still around 30 days from now.

People ruled by Venus or Number 6 (according to Numerology) will be the most affected by the metoo movement. For example, the most affected so far are:

Nana Patekar – His real name is Vishwanath Patekar having a Name Number 60=6, ruled by Venus.
Vikas Bahl – Having a Name Number 24=6, ruled by Venus.
Sajid Khan – Date of Birth 23rd November 1970. 2+3+1+1+1+9+7+0 = 24 = 6, ruled by Venus.

Most of the accused have a Number 6, somewhere or the other.

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Recently the hair stylist Sapna Bhavnani mentioned Amitabh Bachchan’s name. Amitabh Bachchan is Libra Moon Rashi over which Venus has turned retrograde on 6th October. Amitabh Bachchan has Moon of around 8 degrees in Libra. Venus will transit over the same degree around 26th October which is not a good sign for him and he may also get pulled in the movement.

According to Astrology, this is not ending here and next 1 month is going to be happening for the Bollywood Industry.

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