Mr iZO – Astrologer and Numerologist with almost 2 decades of experience

The motto of Mr.iZO, Numerologist in Kolkata, is to give life to the numbers and since past 2 decades he has been spreading the power of numbers among the masses. With the impressive educational qualifications like Masters in Finance from Australia, Mr iZO carried on his career as a Financial Analyst.

He possesses a work experience in UK, Australia and India based companies. As much as he interacted with people in various countries and continents, his rich interest in Astrology and Numerology increased to a higher extent.

In 2004, when Mr iZO went to Australia for further studies, that passion was carried to the overseas and in Sydney the international students started praising his work. In the thrilling city of London, he practiced Astrology and numerology. By giving advertisements on different sites, he found an exceptional way to reach the audience.

The work got its flight in the abroad more because the people in those continents believe in numbers and palmistry as a science. So, coming back to his own country during the end of 2008, he started to make people aware of the game of numbers and tried to remove the superstitions about the Kundli.

Till date, Mr iZO is working hard to get at the common people through all kinds of medium including the internet and mobile services, which are quite universal sources nowadays.