Buy Numerology and Astrology services from IZO

Mr iZO uses his knowledge of Astrology and Numerology to do every analysis. Using both the science together helps him in predicting with more accuracy.

  • Mr iZO cleared my confusion about my baby’s name and helped me finalize a suitable name for my baby which is compatibile to his date of birth

    Abhishek Choraria Chartered Accountant

  • I bought a new mobile number on the advise of Mr iZO. Earlier I did not believe in this science however after understanding the powers of numerology now I follow it in my daily life.

    Aamil Keeyan Khan Actor

  • Mr iZO helped us with the names of both our children Retesha and Devansh. His explanation of the reasoning behind the names has made us believe into Numerology.

    Avviinash Karnani Real Estate Developer

  • I was more interested in the reasoning of the particular spelling suggested by Mr iZO which he explained me with clarity.

    Deepak Singhal Chartered Accountant

  • Mr.IZO helps me to choose right car number. Initially he educated me abour car numerology and after that suggest me few numbers.

    Sanjay Dey IT Professional